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Table of contents

Getting Started with ITK

What is ITK

ITK Sponsors

ITK Developers

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ITK by the Numbers

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How to Integrate ITK in you application

What do I need ?

Step 1. Download ITK

Copying ITK from the CD

Step 2. Download CMake

Installing CMake from the CD

Step 3. Configure ITK

Configuring ITK – MS-Windows

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Configuring ITK – Unix

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Building ITK

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Step 5. Verify the Build

Step 6. Use ITK from an external Project

Using ITK – Hello World

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Step 7. Build Sample Project

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Step 8. Run the example

Starting your own project

Step 9. Writing CMakeLists.txt

Step 10. Writing myProject.cxx

Step 11. How to find what you need

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Enjoy ITK !

Author: Luis Ibanez



Further information:
This is the introductory document to the Insight Toolkit.