ITK  5.4.0
Insight Toolkit
Geometry Representation Objects
+ Collaboration diagram for Geometry Representation Objects:


class  itk::BarycentricCombination< TPointContainer, TWeightContainer >
class  itk::CovariantVector< T, VVectorDimension >
class  itk::DiffusionTensor3D< TComponent >
class  itk::Point< TCoordRep, VPointDimension >
class  itk::SymmetricSecondRankTensor< TComponent, VDimension >
class  itk::Vector< T, VVectorDimension >
class  itk::Versor< T >

Detailed Description

Objects required to represent geometrical entities like positions, vectors and space mappings.

A detailed description of the rationale for these classes can be found in Geometry Concepts.