ITK  5.4.0
Insight Toolkit
Group Segmentation
+ Collaboration diagram for Group Segmentation:


 Module ITKClassifiers
 Module ITKConnectedComponents
 Module ITKDeformableMesh
 Module ITKKLMRegionGrowing
 Module ITKLabelVoting
 Module ITKLevelSets
 Module ITKLevelSetsv4
 Module ITKMarkovRandomFieldsClassifiers
 Module ITKRegionGrowing
 Module ITKSignedDistanceFunction
 Module ITKSuperPixel
 Module ITKVoronoi
 Module ITKWatersheds

Detailed Description

This group of modules address the segmentation problem: partition the image into classified regions (labels). This is a high level group that makes use of many lower level modules such as Module ITKQuadEdgeMesh and Module ITKNarrowBand.