ITK  5.4.0
Insight Toolkit
Module ITKIOMeshBase
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class  itk::ConvertPixelBuffer< InputPixelType, OutputPixelType, OutputConvertTraits >
class  itk::MeshConvertPixelTraits< PixelType >
class  itk::MeshFileReader< TOutputMesh, ConvertPointPixelTraits, ConvertCellPixelTraits >
class  itk::MeshFileReaderException
class  itk::MeshFileWriter< TInputMesh >
class  itk::MeshFileWriterException
class  itk::MeshIOBase
class  itk::MeshIOFactory
class  itk::MeshIOBase::UnknownType

Detailed Description

This module contains base classes for IO, helper classes for IO, and classes that function as an itk::MeshSource in an ITK pipeline. Classes for specific file formats, found in other modules in the IO group, should inherit from itk::MeshIOBase. For a mesh source or sink in the ITK pipeline that handles all available file formats, see itk::MeshFileReader, or itk::MeshFileWriter.