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Rigig2DTransform Class Reference

#include <itkRigid2DTransform.h>

Detailed Description

Rigid2DTransform of a vector space (e.g. space coordinates).

This transform applies a rigid transformation in 2D space. The transform is specified as a rotation around a arbitrary center and is followed by a translation.

The parameters for this transform can be set either using individual Set methods or in serialized form using SetParameters() and SetFixedParameters().

The serialization of the optimizable parameters is an array of 3 elements ordered as follows: p[0] = angle p[1] = x component of the translation p[2] = y component of the translation

The serialization of the fixed parameters is an array of 2 elements ordered as follows: p[0] = x coordinate of the center p[1] = y coordinate of the center

Access methods for the center, translation and underlying matrix offset vectors are documented in the superclass MatrixOffsetTransformBase.

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