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SignedMaurerDistanceMapImageFilter Class Reference
[Image Feature Extraction Filters]

#include <itkSignedMaurerDistanceMapImageFilter.h>

Detailed Description

This filter calculates the squared Euclidean distance transform of a binary image in linear time for arbitrary dimensions.

Inputs and Outputs
This is an image-to-image filter. The dimensionality is arbitrary. The only dimensionality constraint is that the input and output images be of the same dimensions and size. To maintain integer arithmetic within the filter, the default output is the signed squared distance. This implies that the input image should be of type "unsigned int" or "int" whereas the output image is of type "int". Obviously, if the user wishes to utilize the image spacing or to have a filter with the Euclidean distance (as opposed to the squared distance), output image types of float or double should be used.
The inside is considered as having negative distances. Outside is treated as having positive distances. To change the convention, use the InsideIsPositive(bool) function.

Set/GetBackgroundValue specifies the background of the value of the input binary image. Normally this is zero and, as such, zero is the default value. Other than that, the usage is completely analagous to the itkDanielssonDistanceImageFilterClass except is does not return the Voronoi map.
C. R. Maurer, Jr., R. Qi, and V. Raghavan, "A Linear Time Algorithm for Computing Exact Euclidean Distance Transforms of Binary Images in Arbitrary Dimensions", IEEE - Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 25(2): 265-270, 2003.

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