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itkSparseFieldLayer Class Reference

#include <itkSparseFieldLayer.h>

Detailed Description

This class implements a *very* simple linked list that is used to manage nodes in a layer of a sparse field level-set solver. For more information on the sparse field level-set solver, see documentation for itk::SparseFieldLevelSetImageFilter.
One important and distinctive feature of this list implementation (in fact, the entire reason for this object's existance) is that no memory allocation/deallocation occurs during linking or unlinking of nodes. The nodes themselves are expected to carry the appropriate "Next" & "Previous" fields used to link. Guaranteeing that no calls to new or delete are *ever* made for normal list operations allows us to safely use this class in a multithread environment without incurring penalties from heap contention among threads. Because no allocation/deallocation occurs, it is entirely up to the calling program to manage the allocating and freeing of the list nodes.

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