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Image Segmentation Filters
[Image Filters]

Collaboration diagram for Image Segmentation Filters:

Detailed Description

Image segmentation filters process an image to partition it into meaningful regions. Various types of image segmentation algorithms are available in ITK - some examples are, unsupervised pixel classification methods, region-growing methods, watershed-based methods, deformable-model based methods, and level-set based methods.


 Intensity-Based Image Segmentation Filters
 Region-Based Segmentation Filters
 Model-Based Image Segmentation Filters
 Hybrid Segmentation Filters


class  itk::GradientVectorFlowImageFilter< TInputImage, TOutputImage >
 This class computes a diffusion of the gradient vectors for graylevel or binary edge map derive from the image. It enlarges the capture range of the gradient force and make external force derived from the gradient work effectively in the framework of deformable model. More...

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