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Markov Random Field-based Filters
[Region-Based Segmentation Filters]

Collaboration diagram for Markov Random Field-based Filters:

Detailed Description

Markov Random Field (MRF)-based Filters assume that the segmented image is Markovian in nature, i.e., adjacent pixels are likely to be of the same class. These methods typically combine intensity-based Filters with MRF prior models also known as Gibbs prior models.


class  itk::MRFImageFilter< TInputImage, TClassifiedImage >
 Implementation of a labeller object that uses Markov Random Fields to classify pixels in an image data set. More...
class  itk::RGBGibbsPriorFilter< TInputImage, TClassifiedImage >
 RGBGibbsPriorFilter applies Gibbs Prior model for the segmentation of MRF images. The core of the method is based on the minimization of a Gibbsian energy function. This energy function f can be divided into three part: f = f_1 + f_2 + f_3; f_1 is related to the object homogeneity, f_2 is related to the boundary smoothness, f_3 is related to the constraint of the observation (or the noise model). The two force components f_1 and f_3 are minimized by the GradientEnergy method while f_2 is minized by the GibbsTotalEnergy method. More...

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