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Todo List

Member itk::AffineTransform::Rotate2D (TScalarType angle, bool pre=0)
Find a way to generate a compile-time error is this is used with NDimensions != 2.

Member itk::AffineTransform::Rotate3D (const OutputVectorType &axis, TScalarType angle, bool pre=0)
Find a way to generate a compile-time error is this is used with NDimensions != 3.

Class itk::AnisotropicDiffusionFunction< TImage >
Automatically generate the time step value from image dimensionality and order of the equations

Class itk::AzimuthElevationToCartesianTransform< TScalarType, NDimensions >
Is there any real value in allowing the user to template over the scalar type? Perhaps it should always be double, unless there's a compatibility problem with the Point class.

Class itk::AzimuthElevationToCartesianTransform< TScalarType, NDimensions >
Derive this class from a yet undefined TransformBase class. Currently, this class derives from AffineTransform, although it is not an affine transform.

Class itk::BilateralImageFilter< TInputImage, TOutputImage >
Support color images

Class itk::BilateralImageFilter< TInputImage, TOutputImage >
Support vector images

Member itk::CurvatureFlowFunction::ComputeGlobalTimeStep (void *GlobalData) const
compute timestep based on CFL condition.

Class itk::Brains2MaskImageIO
Everything still needs to be done.

Class itk::CannyEdgeDetectionImageFilter< TInputImage, TOutputImage >
Edge-linking will be added when an itk connected component labeling algorithm is available.

Member itk::ColorTable::GetColorComponent (unsigned int colorId, char rgb)
Needs renaming.

Class itk::CurvatureNDAnisotropicDiffusionFunction< TImage >

Class itk::FiniteDifferenceFunction< TImageType >
Possibly subclass this object from Function. Stumbling blocks here are the specialized api of FiniteDifferenceFunction.

Class itk::ImageMomentsCalculator< TImage >
It's not yet clear how multi-echo images should be handled here.

Class itk::Statistics::ImageToListGenerator< TImage, TMaskImage >
In future allow the filter to take a Spatial object as input so a generic spatial object like an ellipse etc can be used as a mask. Sure the ImageMaskSpatialObject can represent image masks too, so why not make SpatialObjects the default. I think the ImageMaskSpatialObject is slow in terms of inefficient iteration through the image.

Member itk::InverseDeformationFieldImageFilter::KernelTransformType
Check that input and output images have the same number of dimensions; this is required for consistency.

Class itk::NeighborhoodIterator< TImage, TBoundaryCondition >
Better support for regions with negative indicies.

Class itk::NeighborhoodIterator< TImage, TBoundaryCondition >
Add Begin() and End() methods?

Member itk::QuadEdgeMeshConstFrontIterator::~QuadEdgeMeshConstFrontIterator ()
do we need here a : Superclass( mesh, start, seed ) { }

Member itk::QuadEdgeMeshEdgeMergeDecimationFilter::CheckOrientation (OutputQEType *iEdge, const OutputPointIdentifier &iId, const OutputPointType &iPt)
Finish to implement this method!

Class itk::QuadEdgeMeshNormalFilter< TInputMesh, TOutputMesh >
Fix run-time issues regarding the difference between the Traits of TInputMesh and the one of TOutputMesh. Right now, it only works if TInputMesh::MeshTraits == TOutputMesh::MeshTraits (and of course it requires that the output have some itk::Vector for point data and cell data.

Class itk::SimpleFilterWatcher
Allow any stream object to be used for the output (not just std::cout)

Member itk::VectorResampleImageFilter::TransformType
Check that input and output images have the same number of dimensions; this is required by the current implementation of AffineTransform.

Member itk::VoronoiSegmentationRGBImageFilter::SetMeanPercentError (double x[6])

Namespace itk
More comments here !

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