ITK  4.13.0
Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit
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itkIntTypes.h File Reference
#include "itkMacro.h"
#include "itk_kwiml.h"
#include <climits>
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typedef SizeValueType itk::IdentifierType
typedef signed long itk::IndexValueType
typedef KWIML_INT_int16_t itk::int16_t
typedef KWIML_INT_int32_t itk::int32_t
typedef KWIML_INT_int64_t itk::int64_t
typedef KWIML_INT_int8_t itk::int8_t
typedef int16_t itk::int_fast16_t
typedef int32_t itk::int_fast32_t
typedef int64_t itk::int_fast64_t
typedef int8_t itk::int_fast8_t
typedef int16_t itk::int_least16_t
typedef int32_t itk::int_least32_t
typedef int64_t itk::int_least64_t
typedef int8_t itk::int_least8_t
typedef int64_t itk::intmax_t
typedef unsigned long itk::ModifiedTimeType
typedef signed long itk::OffsetValueType
typedef unsigned long itk::SizeValueType
typedef unsigned int itk::ThreadIdType
typedef KWIML_INT_uint16_t itk::uint16_t
typedef KWIML_INT_uint32_t itk::uint32_t
typedef KWIML_INT_uint64_t itk::uint64_t
typedef KWIML_INT_uint8_t itk::uint8_t
typedef uint16_t itk::uint_fast16_t
typedef uint32_t itk::uint_fast32_t
typedef uint64_t itk::uint_fast64_t
typedef uint8_t itk::uint_fast8_t
typedef uint16_t itk::uint_least16_t
typedef uint32_t itk::uint_least32_t
typedef uint64_t itk::uint_least64_t
typedef uint8_t itk::uint_least8_t
typedef uint64_t itk::uintmax_t


typedef::ptrdiff_t itk::intptr_t
typedef::vcl_size_t itk::uintptr_t