ITK  4.8.0
Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit
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itkAnchorUtilities.h File Reference
#include <list>
#include "itkSharedMorphologyUtilities.h"
#include "itkAnchorUtilities.hxx"
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template<typename TImage , typename TBres , typename TLine >
int itk::ComputeStartEnd (const typename TImage::IndexType StartIndex, const TLine line, const float tol, const typename TBres::OffsetArray LineOffsets, const typename TImage::RegionType AllImage, unsigned &start, unsigned &end)
template<typename TImage , typename TBres , typename TAnchor , typename TLine >
void itk::DoAnchorFace (const TImage *input, TImage *output, typename TImage::PixelType border, TLine line, TAnchor &AnchorLine, typename TBres::OffsetArray LineOffsets, std::vector< typename TImage::PixelType > &inbuffer, std::vector< typename TImage::PixelType > &outbuffer, const typename TImage::RegionType AllImage, const typename TImage::RegionType face)