ITK  5.0.0
Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit
Deprecated List
Class itk::Accessor::VectorImageToImagePixelAccessor< TType >
Please use the more generic NthElementImageAdaptor.
Member itk::AdaptiveHistogramEqualizationImageFilter< TImageType, TKernel >::SetUseLookupTable (const bool _arg)
Class itk::FastIncrementalBinaryDilateImageFilter< TInputImage, TOutputImage, TKernel >
Class itk::Functor::Cast< TInput, TOutput >

This functor is no longer used by the CastImageFilter.

Class itk::Functor::ModulusTransform< TInput, TOutput >
The two template parametered ModulusTransform functor is depricated. Please use the version with 3 template parameters.
Member itk::HistogramAlgorithmBase< TInputHistogram >::HistogramAlgorithmBase ()
Update() is deprecated because classes that do not derive from ProcessObject are not part of the pipeline and should therefore not have an Update() method. It is included for backwards compatibility.
Class itk::Image< TPixel, VImageDimension >::Rebind< UPixelType, NUImageDimension >
Use RebindImageType instead
Class itk::ImageAdaptor< TImage, TAccessor >::Rebind< UPixelType, UImageDimension >
Use RebindImageType instead
Member itk::MatrixOffsetTransformBase< TParametersValueType, NInputDimensions, NOutputDimensions >::GetInverseMatrix () const
Use GetInverse for public API instead. Method will eventually be made a protected member function
Member itk::ProcessObject::GetProgress () const
Set the execution progress of a process object. The progress is a floating number in [0,1] with 0 meaning no progress and 1 meaning the filter has completed execution. The ProgressEvent is NOT invoked. This method is deprecated because filters should not be calling SetProgress directly but should be using UpdateProgress instead. We avoid the use of the itkSetClampMacro because that macro calls Modified on the filter, which will cause the filter to rerun even if it doesn't need to. Thus, we implement the SetClampMacro directly without the call to Modified.
Member itk::ProgressAccumulator::ProgressAccumulator ()

Reset the progress accumulator. This method should not be necessary because this functionality is already present in the filter constructor.

Reset the filter progress but keep the accumulated progress. This method is deprecated because the ProgressAccumulator now internally checks if a filter has been restarted and updates the accumulated progress automatically. This method also used to have the unfortunate side effect of forcing filters to rerun even if their parameters and input had not changed. This is because it called SetProgress(0) on the filters, which triggered a ModifiedTime and thus caused the filters to rerun. To avoid this behavior, the implementation of this method is now empty.

Member itk::Vector< T, NVectorDimension >::Vector (const ValueType &r)
Class itk::VectorImage< TPixelType, VImageDimension >::Rebind< UPixelType, NUImageDimension >
Use template alias RebindImageType instead
Class itk::VectorResampleImageFilter< TInputImage, TOutputImage, TInterpolatorPrecisionType >
ResampleImageFilter can now resample vector images and should be used instead of the VectorResampleImageFilter.