ITK  5.0.0
Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit
Module FixedPointInverseDisplacementField
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class  itk::FixedPointInverseDisplacementFieldImageFilter< TInputImage, TOutputImage >

Detailed Description

FixedPointInverseDisplacementField takes a displacement field as input and computes the displacement field that is its inverse. If the input displacement field was mapping coordinates from a space A into a space B, the output of this filter will map coordinates from the space B into the space A.

To compute the inverse of the given Displacement field, the fixed point algorithm by Mingli Chen, Weiguo Lu, Quan Chen, Knneth J. Ruchala and Gusavo H. Olivera described in the paper "A simple fixed-point approach to invert a Displacement field", Medical Physics, vol. 35, issue 1, p. 81, is applied.

author Marcel L├╝thi, Computer Science Department, University of Basel