ITK  5.0.0
Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit
Module TwoProjectionRegistration
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class  itk::NormalizedCorrelationTwoImageToOneImageMetric< TFixedImage, TMovingImage >
class  itk::SiddonJacobsRayCastInterpolateImageFunction< TInputImage, TCoordRep >
class  itk::TwoImageToOneImageMetric< TFixedImage, TMovingImage >
class  itk::TwoProjectionImageRegistrationMethod< TFixedImage, TMovingImage >

Detailed Description

An ITK-based implementation of intensity-based 2D/3D rigid image registration for patient setup assessment in external beam radiotherapy. The registration framework was designed to simultaneously register two projection images to a 3D image volume. The projection geometry was set up to simulate the x-ray imaging system that attached to a medical linear accelerator for cancer treatment. The normalized correlation was used as the similarity measure and the Powell's optimizer was used as the optimization method. Siddon-Jacobs fast ray-tracing algorithm was implemented to compute projection images from a 3D image volume.

A more detailed description can be found in the Insight Journal article::

Wu, J. "ITK-Based Implementation of Two-Projection 2D/3D Registration Method with an Application in Patient Setup for External Beam Radiotherapy". December, 2010.