Material Presented at ITK Tutorials

For a modern tutorial on getting started with ITK, see the tutorial on biomedical image analysis and visualization, interactive lessons available in Jupyter notebooks.

The material was usually covered in sessions of 90 minutes per presentation, or sometimes faster, depending on how much coffee was served to the attendants.

Note that this material has evolved from one conference to another. The current state reflects the most recent presentation as well as the updated state of the toolkit.

The following is a link to the presentation of the Workshop on Open Source Software in Medical Applications held at MICCAI 2003.

Workshop on Open Source Software.

An overview of the developement process of ITK was presented at the Washington Computer Assisted Surgery meeting WashCAS in March 16 2004.

Inside Insight.

The Video of the talk is available at

Video Streaming.

The talk "The Insight Toolkit: Building Open Science Communities" was presented at the BVM Conference in Berlin on March 29th 2004.

Insight and Open Science (PDF).

Insight and Open Science (Power Point).

The following two documents introduce the fundamental concepts on Quaternions and the more relevant, but less known, Versors which are the best mathematical representation for rotations in 3D space. These tutorial are strongly recommended for anyone interested in doing rigid registration in 3D.

Quaternions I (PDF).

Quaternions II (PDF).