The Insight-Journal is an electronic publication which supports the verification of reproducibility in technical and scientific medical image analysis papers. The vast majority of the papers published in the Insight-Journal refer back to ITK. Papers submitted to the Insight-Journal include the source code, data and parameters that are needed for reproducing the work described in the paper. An automatic system builds executables from the submitted source code and runs them using the data and parameters provided by the paper’s authors.

Papers and their associated source code, data and parameters are publicly distributed in Open Access under a Creative Commons Attribution License. All Journal readers can make reviews which are posted publicly. Readers can also rate reviewers and in this way create a circle of checks-and-balances.

The Insight-Journal is designed to satisfy the needs of the readers and in particular to materialize the rapid dissemination of information by taking advantage of web technologies and the open collaboration of a community. In that spirit, authors are allowed to post revisions of the papers, and to upload additional material at any moment. This is done with the goal of providing readers with the best quality of information possible.

Additionally, the following ITK References are available: