Welcome to ITK!

This page will give you the simplified instructions on how to get started with ITK. We know that you are a busy person, so let's get right to the point:

  • Download and Installation

    Please follow the detailed instructions given in the Tutorial sessions. In particular in Getting Started I (HTML) (PDF).

  • Read The Manual

    Please download the Software Guide. This 550 pages document will introduce you to ITK concepts, from the basics of installation to the advanced algorithms on image segmentation and registration. You can also order the printed version of this book from Documentation Page.

  • Join the Users List

    The Users List . is the forum where you can get support from the ITK community. You are welcome to post your questions regarding the installation, use, and extension of ITK. Note that you can search the list with Google using this link.

  • Attend a tutorial

    ITK tutorials are often offered at conferences related to medical imaging.