Related Software

SimpleITK is a simplified layer built on top of ITK intended to facilitate its use in rapid prototyping, education and interpreted languages. For more information and resources on SimpleITK, please visit its website.

The following software is used to compile and automatically generate on-line documentation for ITK. These are all open-source tools. You may also find links to these software packages on the download related software site.

  • CMake - Cross-platform Make process. CMake is used to build the software on a variety of Unix systems and Windows. CMake must be downloaded and installed on your computer to compile and work with ITK. (See the download related software web site.)
  • Doxygen - Automatically generates on-line documentation from the source code. (Go here to see the results for ITK.)
  • VNL - Is the numerics package used by ITK. VNL is part of the ITK source code distribution. (VNL is a subsystem of the VXL computer vision system.)
The following auxiliary software is often used in conjunction with ITK. This software is typically used to build the Insight applications. (See the download related software web site to obtain the software.)
  • VTK - The Visualization Toolkit. An open-source system for 3D graphics, image processing, visualization, computational geometry, and volume rendering.
  • FLTK - An open-source, cross-platform, C++ toolkit for creating user interfaces.
  • Qt - An open-source, cross-platform, C++ toolkit for creating user interfaces.
The following software is used to generate and view on-line documentation.
  • LaTeX - Is an open-source system for documentation generation. The bulk of the system reference material is generated with LaTeX. A recommended LaTeX distributions is MikeTeX.
  • Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader - Most documents produce PDF output, including original documents in other forms (e.g., PowerPoint and Word).
  • Microsoft PowerPoint and Word - These commercial products are used for presentations and shorter documents.
The following software is used to convert image file formats.
  • MRIConvert - Is a tool developed at the Lewis Center for Neuroimaging at the University of Oregon. It reads DICOM series and convert them to other image file formats. It supports MetaImage on writing. Binaries are available at
  • ImageMagick - Is an open-source set of tools for image processing. It manages a large number of file formats. It is available at