Create Gaussian Distribution


Create a Gaussian distribution.






#include "itkGaussianDistribution.h"

main(int, char *[])
  itk::Statistics::GaussianDistribution::Pointer gaussian = itk::Statistics::GaussianDistribution::New();
  std::cout << gaussian->EvaluatePDF(2.1) << std::endl;
  return EXIT_SUCCESS;

Classes demonstrated

class GaussianDistribution : public itk::Statistics::ProbabilityDistribution

GaussianDistribution class defines the interface for a univariate Gaussian distribution (pdfs, cdfs, etc.).

GaussianDistribution provides access to the probability density function (pdf), the cumulative distribution function (cdf), and the inverse cumulative distribution function for a Gaussian distribution.

The EvaluatePDF(), EvaluateCDF, EvaluateInverseCDF() methods are all virtual, allowing algorithms to be written with an abstract interface to a distribution (with said distribution provided to the algorithm at run-time). Static methods, not requiring an instance of the distribution, are also provided. The static methods allow for optimized access to distributions when the distribution is known a priori to the algorithm.

GaussianDistributions are univariate. Multivariate versions may be provided under a separate superclass (since the parameters to the pdf and cdf would have to be vectors not scalars).

GaussianDistributions can be used for Z-score statistical tests.


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