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  • SimpleITK java applications must have access to the org.itk.simple package
  • There are two methods for accessing the org.itk.simple package
    • 1) After building SimpleITK, run "make install"
      • This target will install the org.itk.simple.jar file into the extensions directory of the local jvm
      • This will often require admin permissions since the jvm typically lives in a write protected directory
      • Once installed as an extension, all java applications will have access to the package
    • 2) Add org.itk.simple.jar to the java classpath when compiling
      • Note that this is the same as adding the directory containing to the classpath
      • The simplest way to do this is to copy org.itk.simple.jar from $SIMPLE_ITK_BUILD_DIR/Wrapping to the directory containing the target application
$ cp $SIMPLE_ITK_BUILD_DIR/Wrapping/org.itk.simple.jar .
$ javac -classpath ./org.itk.simple.jar
  • Once the org.itk.simple package has been properly set up, classes must be imported in the java code
    • This can be done either by importing the entire package or by importing individual classes
// Import the entire package at once
import org.itk.simple.*

// Import individual classes
import org.itk.simple.ImageFileReader;
import org.itk.simple.RecursiveGaussianImageFilter;
import org.itk.simple.ImageFileWriter;
import org.itk.simple.SmartPointerImage;