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The Departed

We celebrated today the Farewell for our beloved compilers

  • Visual Studio 6.0
  • Visual Studio 7.0
  • Borland 5.5
  • ---- This is a preliminary list. ITKv4 compiler support is maintained on the ITKv4 roadmap page

The Last Words

Here are some of the Farewell messages from ITK Developers who attended the Farewell ceremony (with some edits).

  • VS6, we had some good times. We just went different ways. We just... I just... you couldn't... It just wasn't ever special, ... or partially special.
  • Thanks for all the failing test ! Valid code is in the eye of the beholder
  • Good bye, Bill will miss you. One less computer in his basement.
  • What is VS6 ?. Borland rules !. My blue & yellow icon !. CTRL-F9 Forever !.
  • You were my longest MS development relationship, but I'm now happy to part with you.
  • Borland C was my first C compiler. Happy Trails !
  • So long VC6 and thanks for all the fish !
  • Borland C thanks for helping me do my Masters dissertation in 1994.
  • So long and thanks for all of the bugs
  • And now for something completely not VS6
  • So, are you feeling lucky VS6 ?
  • What is VS6 ?
  • Good bye, good riddance
  • One less thing for Bill to gripe about !
  • So long and thanks for all the fish.
  • Farewell to the honorable VS 6.0 C++. We watched you grow from a young spry programming environment to a revered elderly program, a crotchety old geezer who gave all the young people pains. We will miss your quirks and typedefs as we usher you into the honorable and deserved retirement. There are only three words we can say "about ____ time".
  • The only version of Visual Studio I ever used. You will be the last (hopefully).
  • Compiler good bye, ICEs no more.

The Sound Track of the Ceremony