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This page describes the procedure to be followed when deprecating code from ITK.

The overall procedure involves the following:

  • Use itkLegacyMacros
  • Leave the deprecated methods for backwards compatibility
  • Remove at the next major release. See also semantic versioning.


KernelTransforms case

In the KernelTransforms we replaced the method

  Matrix & ComputeG();

with the method

  void ComputeG( Matrix & m );

Insertion of Legacy Macros

In the headers

  * \deprecated in ITK 3.6, please use void ComputeG(vector,gmatrix) instead.
 itkLegacyMacro( virtual const GMatrixType & ComputeG(const InputVectorType& landmarkVector) const );

In the function bodies

  * This method has been deprecated as of ITK 3.6.
  * Please use the method: void ComputeG(vector,gmatrix) instead.
 #if !defined(ITK_LEGACY_REMOVE)
 template <class TScalarType, unsigned int NDimensions>
 const typename ElasticBodyReciprocalSplineKernelTransform<TScalarType, NDimensions>::GMatrixType &
 ElasticBodyReciprocalSplineKernelTransform<TScalarType, NDimensions>::
 ComputeG( const InputVectorType & ) const
   return this->m_GMatrix;