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Source Code

Download via Git from

  git clone

You can visit the KWStyle webpage at


See Utilities/Maintenance/BuildKWStyle/README. Use the script Utilities/Maintenace/BuildKWStyle/ if desired. Otherwise:

  • Configure with CMake
  • Default options should do just fine

Linux Example

If you are lucky enough to be using Linux, (or a *nix system), you can do:

   mkdir ~/bin/KWStyle
   cd  ~/bin/KWStyle
   ccmake ~/src/KWStyle

for convienence do:


if you want to install it in $HOME/local

and also configure it to build for Release:


finally build and install with:

   make install

Use on ITK

Build Time and Test Time Checks

Rerun CMake in your ITK build.

Turn ON the flag:


Indicate where the KWStyle executable is located. For example, if you installed it as suggested above, then set:

   KWSTYLE_EXECUTABLE    ~/local/bin/KWStyle

and finally, set your favorite format for error reporting.

The options are:


This will allow you to run KWStyle from your development environment and process the style errors just the same way that you manage compilation errors. Please note that the vim format is also compatible with Emacs.

For example, if you are a fortunate enough to be a user of Vim, you can do:


and from inside the editor type

  :make StyleCheckCode

if any errors are reported, the relevant files will be open inside the editor, just the same way as if C++ compilation errors had occurred during a normal build.

If you are not familiar with the Vim mode for "edit-compile-edit cycle", do yourself a favor and read:

   :help quickfix

It will change your life.

An additional target for coding style is

   :make StyleCheckCode

You can also run the Style checks as tests by doing from the command line:

   ctest -R KWStyleCodeTest -V

Commit Time Check

A Git commit-time check will automatically be performed on all indexed changes if KWStyle is available in the shell PATH environmental variable.

If the KWStyle executable is not installed to a location in the PATH, its location can be specified by running

 git config hooks.KWStyle.path ~/local/bin/KWStyle

for example, in the source tree.

The KWStyle commit check can temporarily be disabled with

 git config hooks.KWStyle false

and re-enabled (don't forget to re-enable!) with

 git config hooks.KWStyle true