ITK/Release 4/DICOM/Meeting IOWA 2010

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Slides PDF, ODP


Make sure that during AAssociation we propose the compressed TS so that we retrieve compressed file if the SCP decide to do so

Make sure that we can handle private transfer syntax (at least we have the API for).

Make sure we can c-echo/c-find/c-store/c-move in the same connection (association)

Need to document what dicom conformance is and that is the sole information to decide to do a patientroot query or a studyroot query

Make sure to check the Extended negociation vs the old one (odd numbering thingy)

Make sure we can generate an itk::Image directly from the query.

Potential speed up when pipeline is a push pipeline and can start processing as image are retrieved.

Make sure that we support something like: movescu 104 +P 104

Make it simple for user to derive from a series

Make sure utf-8 is supported

Flexible anonymizer for institutions restrictions

JPEG-LS and such should be second class citizen and split along scanlines.

Open questions: mosaic should support ImageFactory ?

Hans wanted a MetaDataDict with variant type.