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How To Join

  • skype (Mathieu will start conf)


  • Mathieu Malaterre (CoSMo)
  • Mark Roden (CoSMo)
  • Steve Pieper (Isomics)
  • Dan Blezek + Bill Ryan (Mayo)



  • How do we handle 2D DICOM Series loaded in a Single itk::Image ? (one DataSet ? array of dataset ?)
  • How do we handle the opposite : 3D image stored as 2D (Eg. Enhanced -> old SOP)
  • Typical use case: Applying Gaussian filter on itk::Image, means changing Image Type from ORIGINAL to SECONDARY...
    • Should we remove attribute from Image group (0028) ?
    • Question: how do we hanlde Overlay stored in Pixel Data unused bits ?

Annex: App 118 Syntax


A.1.7 Examples

Here is an example XPath query to extract the code meaning of the first item in the View Code Sequence:
/DicomNativeModel/DicomAttribute[@keyword=‖ViewCodeSequence‖]/Item[@number=1]/ /DicomAttribute[@keyword=‖CodeMeaning‖]/Value[@number=1]

See posts

> The following XPath expression is not defined:
> DicomAttribute[@tag=”OverlayLabel”]/Value[@number=1]
DicomAttribute[@tag=”OverlayLabel” and @repeating="02"]/Value[@number=1]