ITK/Release 4/DICOM/Tcon 2011 04 15

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Transition and effort

  • Mark awarded by NIH, as expected, and is transitioning out (original contract from NIH supposed to be out in june)
  • (alex and) drew take over DICOM
  • drew fly over to singapore for a month to do full time gdcm with Alex (april 17 to may 15)


  • status of merging gdcm in ITK
    • GDCM21Merge on the CoSMo Github page
    • Warnings for vs2010 all fixed
    • No ITK tests failing
  • status of PACS support in gdcm (SCU)
  • status of streaming in gdcm (reading works, writing is failing tests)
  • status of RT-STRUCT support in gdcm / VTK / ITK (works in VTK, not in ITK yet)


  • address failing tests determine relevance to ITK before addressing
  • address warnings mainly the sizeof(4) to sizeof(8) transition in 32 to 64 bits)
  • what Is needed to use protocol in ITK? gdcmCompositeNetworkFunctions (briefly)
  • what Is needed to use streaming in ITK? gdcmStreamImageReader (briefly)
  • what Is needed to use RT-STRUCT in ITK Some kind of mesh interaction, RTStructSet writer function
  • what are our main use cases (cannot address all dicom) What functions must be present
  • what would be the higher level API that could encapsulate gdcm/dcmtk Mathieu's ITKDICOM, or something else