ITK/Release 4/DICOM/Tcon 2011 04 22

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  • ITKv4 DICOM has been a mess and Alex takes (finally some will say) responsibility
    • quality of code produced is very poor
    • process is not followed
  • Actions
    • Focus on process first
    • re-involve the community
    • follow up weekly

Weekly Progress

  • Clean up, update the DICOM wiki page
  • Clean up and update github repository
    • errors have been fixed on Mac. (commit b98738c)
    • merge the GDCM21Merge branch into master for more testing: (commit b56a90f)
    • sync with ITK Master
  • Set up buildhost (windows, mac, linux) IN PROGRESS
    • localbuilds have been made on those three platforms and they all builds:

to do

  • stabilize situation
    • iron out all errors and warnings if any left
    • merge into ITK proper
    • sync up with gdcm
  • finish implementation
    • PACS support => drew
    • STREAMING => drew (+luis?)
    • RT-STRUCT => Alex
    • Abstract layer => CoSMo SOftware + Mayo Clinic? + luis?

Weekly Issues

  • Setting up build Hosts with GIT and with itk modular.
    • we used build scripts from the dashboard and did not succeed yet
    • where can we find info / can someone help?
  • what is the best process to merge from github to ITK?
    • gerrit not appropriate for such big change
    • Review directly from github seems natural, but how to handle the merge?
  • Testing of PACS support ?
  • Status of Streaming/JPEG200?
    • image proposed by M.Malaterre: (put link here)
  • Status of RT_STRUCT: alex to investigate for next week.

Open Questions

  • how to identify which version of gdcm has been used?
  • how to make a diff (or to keep sync) our version of gdcm with the main gdcm tree.
  • how to send the modificatons back upstream (gdcm proper)
  • who should do it?