ITK/Release 4/Wrapping/WrapITK Installation/Wrap ITK EXPLICIT

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Notes AG: this need to be updated, the difference should be much more than 3% and grow as the number of wrapped languages grows.

Results with WRAP_ITK_EXPLICIT turned OFF

real  495m39.658s
user  467m5.262s
sys  26m47.946s
Size of bin directory: 1.68 GB on disk (1,672,592,464 bytes)

Results with WRAP_ITK_EXPLICIT turned ON

real  481m29.358s 
user  452m50.677s
sys  27m22.417s
Size of bin directory: 1.47 GB on disk (1,464,482,904 bytes)

So, as we see, the difference is as much as 15 minutes. (