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VTK/ARB/Meetings/November 2009

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  • Compiler support
  • Documentation / feedback (uservoice, InsightJournal) update and next steps
  • Development process (continuing discussions) Git / SVN


  • We noted that we should not have the next meeting at 10am for Andrew.

Compiler Support

  • On the table for deprecation: Visual Studio 6, Borland compilers, older IRIX compilers.
  • Should we make an official list of supported compilers.
  • Visual Studio 7 (not 7.1) should be deprecated with Visual Studio 6.
  • Consensus: Deprecate Visual Studio 6/7 (not 7.1), older Borland.

Documentation Feedback

  • UserVoice is going well, we'll keep it going and see what responses we get.
  • Insight Journal is extensive process of submitting articles, code, automatic testing.
    • Downside is the 2-3 year backlog.
    • We don't want something so onerous for VTK.
    • Don't need to use IJ for the same level of control as ITK does.
    • Good way to capture meta-issues, documents, testing, but not a gate for code submission.

Version Control

  • There are things that a DVCS as the central server would allow that SVN would not, e.g. staging commits before pushing to head.
  • Mercurial over Git is not perfect.
  • Some firewalls have issues with connections other than HTTP.
  • Would need a solution for keyword expansion.
  • Would need specific instructions on how VTK developers should to move to Git (esp. on Windows).
  • Need to move over pre-commit checks.
  • Allows outside collaboration.
  • Need to prepare the community for this with white paper, VTK Journal paper, etc. and allow discussion.
  • Could enable an automatic gatekeeper, but perhaps don't impose it as a required thing.

Action Items

  • Berk will deprecate compilers.
  • Berk will write a Git whitepaper.
  • Will will write email about ARB to community.

Next Time

  • Revisit topic leads