Agenda&Status 070610

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First tcon using WebEx

  • Web forums (nabble, google group)
    • Needs to be mirrored on email list.
    • Searching forums
    • Threaded discussions
    • Sharing Files ( is an option)
    • Try to limit the number of tools and sites that we use.
    • Copyright issue on posted content.
      • Nabble allows contributors to maintain ownership of material posted.
    • Can also use forum mechanism to broadcast on main page.
    • What about non-member postings?
      • Can subscribe in mailman without being set up to receive emails?
  • Google testing framework
    • CDash aggregates results
    • CTest runs the tests
    • Google testing provides a framework for unit tests.
      • Test "A" should return a value of 5, verify the test produces the correct value
        • Currently encoded in individual tests by the test writer
      • Google Test Primer
  • Wrapping (Stephen's hair brained idea)
  • Git plans
  • Google Docs site for sharing proposals for ITK v4 and A2D2. Just technical sections, no business plans needed. Email Jim to get access.