Agenda&Status 072010

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Project Management

  • Notice of award?
  • Number of Work Assignments?

Technical Topics

Migration to Git


  • Fixing KWStyle/CDash/CTest for Git
    • Comment by Lorensen: If there are KWstyle changes for the ITK style, then someone must commit to changing all existing (new) style violations introduced by the change. Some of us have spent many hours getting all of ITK to pass the current style. Please do not under estimate the effort and cost. I should be far easier and less expensive to modify the formatting rules for the various editors.
  • Integrating CPPCheck with KWStyle and CTest
    • Comment by Lorensen: I tried cppcheck on itk and it runs for a VERY LONG time. In fact, it did not finish in an overnight run on my albeit old system.

Here is an experiment on one file in Common:

time ~/ProjectsGIT/cppcheck/cppcheck itkAffineTransform.txx 2>~/tmp/err.txt 
Checking itkAffineTransform.txx...
Checking itkAffineTransform.txx: CABLE_CONFIGURATION...
Checking itkAffineTransform.txx: CMAKE_NO_ANSI_STRING_STREAM...
Checking itkAffineTransform.txx: HAVE_FENV_H;ITK_CHECK_FPU_ROUNDING_MODE...
Checking itkAffineTransform.txx: ITK_CONCEPT_IMPLEMENTATION_CALL...
Checking itkAffineTransform.txx: ITK_CONCEPT_NO_CHECKING...
Checking itkAffineTransform.txx: ITK_CPP_FUNCTION...
Checking itkAffineTransform.txx: ITK_CPP_FUNCTION;_WIN32...
Checking itkAffineTransform.txx: ITK_CPP_FUNCTION;__BORLANDC__...
Checking itkAffineTransform.txx: ITK_CPP_FUNCTION;__GNUC__...
Checking itkAffineTransform.txx: ITK_HAVE_FENV_H...
Checking itkAffineTransform.txx: ITK_HAVE_STDDEF_H...
Bailing out from checking itkAffineTransform.txx: Too many configurations. Recheck this file with --force if you want to check them all.

real	32m38.256s
user	0m2.345s
sys	26m22.530s

Simple ITK

  • Design Discussions
  • Sandbox in Github


  • Plans for wrapping
  • Tools
    • Pros and Cons


  • Exploration of Ryppl
    • Interaction with Boost
  • Module Segmentation
    • How classes will be grouped