Agenda&Status 080310

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Project Management

  • Notice of award?
  • Number of Work Assignments?
  • Minutes of Washington meeting from NIH?
  • Deadline for sending the Draft of T.O 2?

Technical Topics

Migration to Git

  • Updating Dashboard Machines to Git
  • Contractors to send information to Kitware about the developers who should receive Git write access.
    • (include email and public SSH key)

Before Giving Git Write Access

Clean up Releases

Release Tag Date Major Changes
Alpha-01 August 7 VS6,BCC55, SunCC (5.7?), Metrowerks Removal (based on compiler features), Remove large Images
Alpha-02 August 14 CMake Variables configuration cleanup
Alpha-03 August 21 GDCM 2.0, OpenJpeg-v2, +JPEG2000
Alpha-04 August 28 Third party libraries update: TIFF, JPEG, PNG


  • Hans Johnson to report on compilers cleanup.
    • and experiences with Git workflow.


Coding Style


  • Fixing KWStyle/CDash/CTest for Git : Brad Davis report

Simple ITK

  • Design Discussions
  • Sandbox in Github
  • Simple ITK Layer
  • Gathering Feedback from the attendees to the Hackathon in Janelia Farm (HHMI)
    • Luis to report
    • Microscopy community.
      • Pixel types used
      • Image Dimensions (2,3,4,5)
      • Channels as dimension ?
      • Time as dimension ?
      • Memory organization ?
      • Multi-scale datasets
      • Needs for Object representation data structures


  • Plans for wrapping
  • Tools
    • Pros and Cons
  • Wrapping
  • update from brad on wrapitk test (new swig usage that addresses existing concerns)?


  • Gabe Hart to report of initial modularization efforts
  • Exploration of Ryppl
    • Interaction with Boost
    • Brad King & Dave Cole Report


  • Dan and Mathieu to report

Refactoring Optimization Framework

Is the | refactoring of the optimization framework going to be considered for itkv4?