Agenda&Status 081007

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Project Management

  • Roadmap for ITK Maintenance 2007-2008
  • Release Schedule
  • Log of bug triage
    • Before last session we covered bugs 5148 to 4741 (June 15)
    • Last session we covered bugs 4657 to 4499 (June 22)
  • phpBugTracker replaced with MANTIS
    • Due to spam attacks
    • We still need to clean up the spam (manually).
    • NOTE: Many bugs changed Project (e.g. ITK --> VTK)

Technical Topics

  • itkSmartPointerForward Reference and MinGW
  • zlib updated, some mangling remanent issues
    • We don't have a Dashboard submission of InsightApplications with Nightly ITK and Nightly VTK
      • Just added one from Redwall (Windows Vista 64bits). It should appear tomorrow.
  • LightObject race condition
    • Gaetan has a fix and it is about to commit it
    • Discussion in the mailing list
  • TransformFileWriter and Factories
    • Working on Dashboards at Iowa
    • Coding Style
      • TxtTransform should probably be TextTransformIO (no acronyms in ITK names)
      • TransformIOBase was not using Set/Get/Bool macros.
  • FEM Refactoring
  • Quad Edge Mesh
  • ImageIO Streaming
    • ImageSeriesReader and ImageSeriesWriter should be fixed to support streaming too...