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To release a new CDash (let's say revision 1.2) please follow these steps:

  • Update the version in package.json and include/version.php to 1.2.0
  • Add the following lines to js/cdashUpgrade.js and s:
 else if(version < 1.4)
   nextstep = upgrade_1_4;
 function upgrade_1_4()
   var text = "Applying 1.4 patches";
   $("#Upgrade-1-4-Status").html("<img src=\"images/loading.gif\"/> "+text+"...");
  • In upgrade.xsl add:
 <div id="Upgrade-1-4-Status"></div>
  • In upgrade.php add:
 // 1.4 Upgrade
    // Set the database version

    // Put that the upgrade is done in the log
    add_log("Upgrade done.","upgrade-1-4");
  • Make a commit from these changes with the message "CDash 1.2.0".
  • Change the version in package.json and version.php to 1.3.0
  • Commit this change as "CDash 1.3.0 (development version)"
  • After these commits have been merged to master, tag the "CDash 1.2.0" commit as "Release-1-2-0" and push the tag upstream.
  • Upgrade the change log: