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This page explains how to upgrade CDash. CDash upgrade mechanism allows users to upgrade CDash at any point in time, even if they are using the current git development of CDash.

Upgrading CDash

  1. It is recommended that you backup the CDash database.
  2. Backup your configuration file: config.php or config.local.php
  3. Replace your current CDash directory with the latest version. If your instance of CDash was cloned from git, a git pull should suffice.
  4. Make sure your web server still has permission to read CDash's files. On Linux you might need to use chown or chmod if the permissions changed when you updated CDash.
  5. Download composer (if you haven't already) and run php composer.phar install --no-dev --optimize-autoloader.
  6. Run npm install
  7. Run node_modules/.bin/gulp
  8. Restore the configuration parameters: the config.php file may change from one revision to the other, make sure you are not replacing the config.php file but are actually replacing the parameters inside the file. For this reason, we recommend that you maintain a config.local.php file that contains ONLY your modified settings.
  9. Navigate your browser to your CDash page. (eg. http://localhost/CDash)
    1. Note the version number on the main page. It should correctly match the new version that you are upgrading to.
    2. The following message may appear: "The current database shema doesn't match the version of CDash you are running, upgrade your database structure in the Administration panel of CDash." This is a helpful reminder to perform the following steps:
  10. Login to CDash as administrator.
  11. In the ‘Administration’ section, click on ‘[CDash Maintenance]’
  12. Click on ‘Upgrade CDash’: This process might take some time depending on the size of your database, do not close your browser.
    1. Progress messages may appear while CDash performs the upgrade.
    2. If the upgrade process takes too long you can check in the backup/cdash.log file to see where the process is taking a long time and/or failing. For long running upgrades, you could also check your database activity to make sure that the upgrade process hasn't stalled out.
    3. It has been reporting that on some systems the spinning icon never turns into a checkmark. Please check the cdash.log for the "Upgrade done." string if you feel that the upgrade takes too long.
    4. CDash 1.6: new indexes and fields for the database have been added. The indexes and fields touch the test table and might take a long time to upgrade, just be patient and check the backup/cdash.log file to see the current progress of the update. On a 80GB database the upgrade took about 4 hours.
  13. Note: Some web browsers are having issue when upgrading (some javascript variables not passed correctly), in that case you can perform individual updates:

Backing up CDash

CDash stores all the information (except logs) in the database, so it's important to backup your database before any CDash upgrade.


There are a couple a ways to backup a MySQL database. The easiest way is to use the mysqldump command.

Example to backup the cdash database:

 mysqldump -r cdashbackup.sql cdash

If you are using exclusively MyISAM tables you can copy the CDash directory in your MySQL data directory. Note that you need to shutdown the MySQL before doing the copy since, no file can be touched during the copy.


Similarly to MySQL, PostGreSQL has a pg_dump utility.

Example to backup the cdash database:

 pg_dump -U postgreSQLuser cdash > cdashbackup.sql

Checking Database Activity


From a mysql prompt:



From a psql prompt:

SELECT * FROM pg_stat_activity;

Repository Reorganization Aftermath

In November, 2015 we reorganized the CDash repository. All of the files meant to be accessed by a web browser were moved under the public directory. This improves the security of CDash by making sure that we aren't inadvertently exposing something private to the outside world.

Here are some steps you should take if your CDash upgrade just took your across this threshold.

  • Change what directory is exposed to the web. The easiest way to do this is to create a symbolic link in your DocumentRoot (typically /var/www or similar) that points to /path/to/CDash/public.
  • Move your config.local.php file (if you're using one) from cdash/ to config/
  • Check your config file for outdated values. We recommend that you maintain a config.local.php file that contains ONLY your changes. If you follow this approach then you will automatically be updated when we change the default value in config.php. Here are some changed values that might trip you up if you aren't doing this:
    • $CDASH_CSS_FILE should now be css/cdash.css (or similar)
    • Make sure $CDASH_BACKUP_DIRECTORY is defined relative to $CDASH_ROOT_DIR.
    • Make sure that any paths to your DocumentRoot (typically /var/www) in this file are also updated (if necessary).

Change logs

CDash 2.6

See for release notes.

CDash 2.4

Administrative notes

  • CDash no longer exposes all of its files to the web. If upgrading from 2.2 to 2.4, you will need to change how your DocumentRoot is configured. See CDash Repository Reorganization for more information.
  • CDash no longer maintains a copy of prerequisite software in its repository. Instead we use composer and npm to manage these dependencies. See Upgrading CDash for details on how to use these tools.

New features

  • We've begun converting the frontend from XSLT to AngularJS. As a benefit of this, you can now access the underlying data in JSON format.
  • New page overview.php to show the health of your project over the past two weeks.
  • testOverview.php was remodeled to make it easier for you to find problematic tests over a given time period.
  • Support for Dynamic BuildGroups. These show you the latest build results, no matter when they occurred.
  • Various improvements to code coverage analysis including support for branch coverage and aggregating coverage metrics from multiple builds.
  • SubProjects can now be organized into groups with separate coverage thresholds.

CDash 2.2

New features

  • 0013753: JUnit support
  • 0013752: Support for nunit tests
  • 0014896: Adding log level
  • 0010084: Site Temporarily Out of Order
  • 0014517: Add support for P4Web (Perforce Web Client)
  • Overall better PostGreSQL compatbility (thanks to Igor Murzov)
  • Added feed

Bugs fixed (80)

  • 0014906: Fix schedule to build association when handling submissions synchronously
  • 0014717: Fix SQL query quoting issue introduced in r3432
  • 0014683: Use correct variable to get db type
  • 0014682: Fix PHP undefined constant usage warning
  • 0014679: Properly check if specified project exists
  • 0014678: Drop weird copy'n'pasted comments from api/* files
  • 0014681: Fix typo in "feed" table definition
  • 0013400: Deleting all SubProjects does not remove the SubProjects section
  • 0013937: CDash does not filter warnings when requesting difference to previous build
  • 0014160: Deleting a group causes all builds in that group to disappear
  • 0014638: Fix a typo in the coverage viewer
  • 0014665: Generate xhtml to make the markdown standard compliant
  • 0014664: Add menu to viewNotes page
  • 0012989: Uninformative log message occurs a couple times a night on the CMake dashboard
  • 0013654: Failed to update from "expected" to "non-expected" when there are no build
  • 0014639: Fix undefined variable usage in test viewer
  • 0014560: Overhaul configure warning extraction algorithm
  • 0014589: Fix a PostgreSQL incompatibility
  • 0014588: Fix undefined variable usage in changes viewer
  • 0014556: ENH: Check that git directory is writable
  • 0014551: CDash gives out of memory errors when attempting to XSLT transform large XML files
  • 0014537: Fix a minor PostgreSQL incompatibility in test failure graph viewer
  • 0014531: Don't hardcode coverage threshold, use the one from the project settings
  • 0014530: Display correct configure warnings number on build summary page
  • 0014525: Daily Updates for Perforce reports Revision and Prior Revision as 0
  • 0014524: The path to the P4 utility is not quoted (reported by Igor Murzov)
  • 0014523: Drop remnants of backup page that was removed in r2599
  • 0014518: Add Perforce support to Daily Updates
  • 0014346: Fix a couple of typos in file viewer
  • 0014344: Cosmetics: Simplify some if conditions
  • 0014343: Drop incorrect & pointless query on client libraries info update
  • 0014513: Fix some html markdown issues
  • 0014480: Fix seeming logout in file viewer
  • 0014496: DOxygen menu should be renamed
  • 0014478: Don't display errors when project gets unselected on Edit Project page
  • 0014477: Drop unnecessary MySql-style quotes from SQL queries
  • 0014469: Fix broken markdown on registration page
  • 0014451: clientjobschedule.php doesn't encode project name before adding to submit URL
  • 0014423: Drop left-over code
  • 0014413: Fix grammar in coverage manager
  • 0014412: Handle '0 builds' and '0 failed tests' cases properly
  • 0014351: Fix lines of code calculation in the coverage viewer
  • 0014350: Set Append property to false in upload xml handler as files are not appendable
  • 0014189: dynamic analysis results not decoded
  • 0012368: CDash's build results html should use monospace font for 'standard error' output
  • 0014364: Add missing dot which prevented job id to be set in client script
  • 0014374: Properly fetch result of SQL query on coverage info removal
  • 0014375: Fix incorrect string quoting in SQL query in coveragefile2user model
  • 0014341: Fix "user" table/function confusion
  • 0014340: Fix undefined variable usage in sendemail
  • 0010455: Show graph for <NamedMeasurement>
  • 0013782: inconsistent last submission time for project and subprojects in the project dashboard
  • 0013781: typo in manageBuildGroup.php
  • 0013751: Error page
  • 0013577: User Enumeration Vulnerability
  • 0013491: CDash banner does not escape strings, potential SQL injection
  • 0013256: cdash viewCoverage.php errors with new ajax interface
  • 0013041: CDash 2 is still reporting wrong summary info for clock speed and RAM
  • 0014621: Broken Filter Hyperlinks when enabling and then disabling Auto-refresh
  • 0013943: Backup.php missing
  • 0013428: Unknown column 'buildid' when running "Cleanup database"
  • 0014514: svn log not updating with https:// and self signed certificate
  • 0013079: Test attachment links broken when a test fails
  • 0012994: Sorting by "Build Name" column doesn't work right when builds have OS icons
  • 0012993: Times with milliseconds in them appear to be reported incorrectly
  • 0012990: Strange formatting, and missing total test timing in "Build Time" tooltip
  • 0012988: Column sort does not work for some columns in Coverage and Dynamic Analysis groups
  • 0012985: "Show Build History" link does not show any builds
  • 0012980: Last activity cannot be sorted on first page
  • 0012978: Make FreeBSD a first class OS
  • 0012950: login-based SQL injection
  • 0012937: [CMake] Broken 'headerlogo' link if 'Home URL' is not set
  • 0012949: CDash remove builds automatically even if $CDASH_AUTOREMOVE_BUILDS is not set
  • 0012938: Unable to persitently change "Enable" flag in CDash Schedule Build
  • 0013432: Registration Key URL in e-mail has one char to much at the end
  • 0012984: CDash generated RSS produces date with 2 digit years; 4 digits preferred
  • 0012948: Update data count misreported

CDash 2.0

New features

  • New and Simplified layout
  • Better management of asynchronous submission
  • Support for PostGreSQL 9
  • Improved security
  • Support for log rotation
  • Better support for new repository browsers
  • Improved users administration
  • $CDASH_WARN_ABOUT_UNREGISTERED_COMMITTERS option is now OFF by default to avoid flooding the log files. This option can still be overridden in the config.local.php

Bugs fixed

  • 0012555 Asynchronous processing of submission fails with drop site of the form:
  • 0011809 "My Build Schedules" might benefit from an extra Comments or Description column
  • 0012557 Option to hide source code in the coverage webpage
  • 0011804 "My Build Schedules" list limited to 5 jobs; rest is inaccessible
  • 0011521 PHP warning about MYSQL_BOTH
  • 0012913 CDash fails to open update.xml file if CTEST_SITE variable contains a slash character
  • 0010817 DynamicAnalysis is "green" and "0" even though all tests failed when run under memcheck
  • 0012884 Adding "Subscribe" to the dashboard page
  • 0012907 Delete user incomplete / blocks creation of new user with equal name
  • 0012899 cdash 1.8.2 emails do not include header that indicates text encoding of content
  • 0012885 When subscribing, "Project" combobox doesn't show current project
  • 0010648 By default how to allow registered user to create new projects
  • 0010742 CDash does not check for valid email
  • 0010408 Time based reload for project dashboard page
  • 0011939 CDASH cannot display Attached Files
  • 0012314 description of 'test standard deviation' and 'test standard deviation threshold' is wrong
  • 0010748 Log rotation
  • 0012310 'test time standard deviation' should be renamed
  • 0010974 Build failures not highlighted
  • 0010822 compute_update_statistics is undefined
  • 0011799 "My Build Schedules" lists the same project name for all jobs
  • 0011711 cdash/createRSS.php creates invalid RSS output
  • 0010051 Wording of "Email preference" unclear
  • 0011800 MySQL schema for client_jobschedule does not allow repeattime above 9.99 in newer MySQL versions
  • 0012218 Update command fails to parse if it contains XML escaped quotes
  • 0011201 Move the coverage legend on the left
  • 0012368 CDash's build results html should use monospace font for 'standard error' output
  • 0012164 CDash 1.6.4 cannot accept the special character
  • 0012395 cdash login page 'remember me' checkbox does not work when using LDAP authentication
  • 0012416 Error logs are never cleared
  • 0009663 [CTest] CTest/CDash OS version & compiler information is lacking on Mac OS X
  • 0007726 admin should be able to see/set other users settings
  • 0010289 Patch for the support of hgweb navigation (mercurial)
  • 0011409 viewErrorLog.php page does not show anything if buildid= *and* date= are given
  • 0012341 Test names not escaped
  • 0012360 [CTest] CDash colors for build graphs have poor contrast
  • 0012384 [PATCH] Add support for the Redmine repository browser
  • 0011737 CDash submission fails due to wrong parsing of geolocation info
  • 0012585 Use "(empty)" instead of "" when site and build names come in empty from ctest
  • 0010684 [CTest] ctest not reporting submission failures
  • 0012396 [CTest] CDash should indicate the git hash of builds
  • 0011608 Support new style of gitweb url
  • 0011920 [CMake] Current svn -> cannot create project + header errors
  • 0012638 Display Example URL of Reposiroty Viewer
  • 0012631 Admin can't change user settings -- especially can't edit repository credentials
  • 0010819 Make one more category for coverage files : "complete" or "perfect"
  • 0012560 Support for PgSQL 9.x
  • 0012559 Add database port in configuration file
  • 0012403 CDash should report the time since reported builds
  • 0012454 Missing CDASH_SERVER_PORT default in config.php
  • 0012409 Autorefresh support
  • 0011787 PHP errors when accessing with empty project name
  • 0012404 Build management from main dashboard doesn't work on Safari
  • 0012331 Additional search filters for LDAP based logins
  • 0012308 WebApi - Method:project - Task:files - Sort files by uploaded date
  • 0011639 Support committer name and email from git
  • 0010659 Upgrade Jquery
  • 0010930 1.6.5: ctest/cdash report truncated names
  • 0009790 URL into Trac svn browser wrong
  • 0011432 Undefined variables
  • 0011894 PHP warnings about split()
  • 0011828 PHP warning about preg_match()
  • 0010964 [CTest] CDash 1.6.4 - test output "crashes" the log page
  • 0011663 Version 1.8.2 testDetails.php not loading stylesheet.

CDash 1.8

New features

  • Asynchronous submission
  • CDash@home beta version
  • Increasing number of tests and coverage
  • Build group specific auto-remove settings

Bugs fixed

  • 0010834 CDash should log php errors during submission
  • 0010720 Upgrading PostgreSQL database from 1.7 to 1.8 gives "An error occured"
  • 0010660 regex for BUG: bug_number
  • 0010947 Sorting by test timing does not work on index.php
  • 0010929 Spelling mistakes on code coverage pages
  • 0010657 MyCDash - project creation blocked
  • 0010649 Editing project in Chrome makes the repository field empty
  • 0010647 HTTP Header should specify charset
  • 0010269 Submission without 'ctest -D ...Build' reports entries in the dashboard 'build' column
  • 0010260 Logo image doesnt appear on all pages of a Dashboard that uses Subprojects.
  • 0010975 Negative numbers (for test counts, others?) appearing in subproject dashboard results
  • 0011284 Buildname with spaces breaks javascript
  • 0011167 Coverage threshold check should be greater than or equal to
  • 0011125 Test.Exists() uses incomplete key, resulting in bogus test associations in DB
  • 0011108 Build shows up more than once if it has more than one note added to it
  • 0010976 Adding a user to a project sets 'no email' by default
  • 0010767 Clicking on administration/Users in an arbitrary project leads to an error.
  • 0010760 The <link> in build update feed should point to the build
  • 0010721 Showing build errors (the yellow triangle) does not work
  • 0010921 Sorting of time test does not work
  • 0009941 Add buildmanagement functionality to CDash

CDash 1.6

New features

  • Support for persistent login
  • Better database compression
  • New graphs and reports
  • Improved coverage visualization
  • Better CTest communication
  • Expected submission time based on historic average
  • Faster load of the main dashboard page
  • Improved navigation links
  • Remote build management (beta)

Bugs fixed

  • 0010290 CDash sends failed-test emails, even when this is disabled
  • 0010426 ClientJobSchedule::Save fails because of missing client_jobschedule table columns
  • 0010463 Shared project repositories not updated correctly
  • 0010332 cdash does not properly handle large xml files
  • 0010439 Command Lines in Build Error/Warning Display
  • 0010460 Subscription can be altered even if not admin
  • 0010313 Site description repeatedly escapes special characters
  • 0009174 tracing regressions
  • 0009276 Postgres does not like the build warnings with '\\' in them
  • 0010106 Marking "new" test failures on dashboard "view-failed-only" page.
  • 0008735 add ability to get email for missing builds on sites you do not own
  • 0008126 Improve Morale
  • 0009991 show which failures are new
  • 0010027 Feature Request: Compression of test output in the database
  • 0008341 itkrobot doesn't trigger message
  • 0010071 Empty iphone project page
  • 0009790 URL into Trac svn browser wrong
  • 0008854 Sort columns in "Manage Coverage Page"
  • 0009279 Allow --username for subversion
  • 0008171 Display longer history for a single build
  • 0008036 Filter out submissions based on IP address
  • 0007670 Delta on tests is nice but can mask actual status change.
  • 0008965 identify builds that my commit first appear in
  • 0007731 Graph of warnings and errors over time
  • 0009933 Configurable Tracker URL
  • 0007398 groups have "issues"
  • 0009928 Updated file count is always 0 for new submissions
  • 0008585 Maintainer page
  • 0008271 Activity graph
  • 0009848 "Edit subscription" should have a project-selection combo box
  • 0009820 Links/navigation are partly confusing
  • 0008367 Warnings and Errors are set to zero by default
  • 0009138 Project names with chars that must be escaped generate incorrect URLs
  • 0009295 "Time spent per project" only tracks last build
  • 0008948 Update.xml parsing should classify updated/modified/conflicting based on xpath
  • 0008736 better looking coverage
  • 0009856 "Dashboard" doesn't take me to dashboard for the project
  • 0009823 Build summary page should link to pieces
  • 0009855 Unsubscribing as project admin
  • 0009857 list of "Show public projects" not sorted
  • 0009034 Please add a "Show Coverage Percentage Graph" link to the buildSummary page for coverage builds
  • 0009669 Coverage page sorting is slow
  • 0008425 Flot doesn't work with IE 8 beta
  • 0008204 submission should not process files
  • 0009891 Build::GetIdFromName() doesn't check projectid for subproject
  • 0009890 Deleting project doesn't delete subprojects and labels
  • 0009818 Description is escaped for project
  • 0009815 projects not sorted on "My CDash" page
  • 0009794 CDash "forgets" me very fast...
  • 0009788 Dynamic Anyalsis truncated
  • 0009063 Display expected submission time based on historical average for expected builds that have not submitted yet
  • 0009706 Non-anonymous LDAP authentication (e.g. for Active Directory) - feature request and example implementation
  • 0009677 MySQL with STRICT_TRANS_TABLES fails
  • 0009668 Cannot move builds from index page on Chrome
  • 0009644 Only test timings after last database upgrade are shown
  • 0009338 Showing updates files does not work with PostgreSQL
  • 0009630 r1964 broke CDash when using PostgreSQL
  • 0009322 Show changes in test results
  • 0009154 build errors not issuing emails
  • 0009522 Persistent login
  • 0009359 Unable to invite users
  • 0009277 Database update is always needed
  • 0009340 Production mode shouldn't display install.php
  • 0009120 CDash generates wrong diff URLs for ViewVC (at least on
  • 0009296 Passed test should not have "error" table background
  • 0009294 Processor information of build host is not parsed correctly
  • 0009266 Cannot remove Site
  • 0008957 Remember me login
  • 0008931 Need a way to "unclaim" a site that no longer submits
  • 0008881 Improve support for white spaces to NamedMeasurement with type text/string and/or text/plain types

CDash 1.4

New features

Bug Fixes

  • 0008670 Failed tests shown in orange instead of red
  • 0008643 New Email summary lines
  • 0008117 disallow public registration
  • 0008663 Sorting 'Dynamic Analysis' field 'Labels'
  • 0008708 Add config.local.php
  • 0008662 'Coverage' fields 'passed', 'failed', and 'Labels' are not sorting
  • 0008638 'Dynamic Analsysis' columns can not be sorted
  • 0006631 Logos that are too big (tall)
  • 0007736 Root directory in websvn URL must have trailing slash for websvn paths to be generated correctly
  • 0007771 Nightly changes should store previous revision
  • 0008103 Timing test did not fail
  • 0008127 Prevent spamming
  • 0007920 ViewChanges crashes ViewCVS on newly created files
  • 0007570 Test submission silently fails when test output is quite large.
  • 0008616 Sending subproject email address regression lists in XML and updating CDash email lists
  • 0008615 Sorting the 'Min' columns is not a numeric sort.
  • 0008191 pdo_query() does not work if it is not MySQL
  • 0008469 Coverage broken in SVN
  • 0008462 Only 412 test results shown
  • 0008740 NotRun/Fail/Pass tests reports don't report what they should report
  • 0007713 Upgrading Database should now use previous version
  • 0007884 Ask CDash not to fill IP addresses
  • 0008679 XML Parsing problem should send email
  • 0008783 Email Preference not greyed out on subscription page when ""Email Broken Submission"" is unchecked
  • 0007724 Configure warnings and errors should trigger email
  • 0008810 When Editing a project, createProject.php get an error calling fopen."
  • 0008119 use admin email address as sender address in password emails
  • 0008610 content of coverage differs to Coverage.xml
  • 0007855 CDash sends duplicate emails for the same build
  • 0008760 build failures not being sent out for all dashboard reported build errors
  • 0008730 Not sending out email notifications for failed configure?
  • 0008592 Main project/subproject page should be able to filter only Nightly tests
  • 0008645 Coverage testing link times out
  • 0008318 viewUpdate.php with PosgreSQL fails
  • 0008368 XAMPP flaws
  • 0007908 Make possible to sort Code Coverage rows by submission time
  • 0008468 Help not closable on small screen
  • 0008484 Configure log field is too small
  • 0006468 go to a bug reference from a commit log
  • 0007778 User can register with the same email address
  • 0008460 Upgrade to jquery 1.3
  • 0007861 Upgrade from 1.0.2 to 1.2.1 breaks Groups
  • 0007907 Time units missing in detailed test report
  • 0008125 multiple users can share the same email address
  • 0008451 Coverage should be sorted by status by default
  • 0008448 cannot set CVS/SVN ViewerURL - CDash SVN trunk
  • 0008287 Project name should be trimmed
  • 0008254 User subscription public project
  • 0008160 Performance issue when submiting test
  • 0007916 Check that backup and rss directories are writable
  • 0008202 Project logo not displayed with PostgreSQL
  • 0008118 password recovery email seems to be bad html
  • 0008113 Wrong SQL query leads to not storing results
  • 0008084 Database name cannot contain minus (-)
  • 0007848 CDash admin privileges lacking some key actions
  • 0007847 Admin/users account can become permanently inaccessible
  • 0007853 Builds sent from differnt sites can clobber each other
  • 0007582 Charset encoding issues
  • 0007806 MySQL error creating build groups
  • 0007871 Installation check for php5-gd
  • 0007805 The same image can't have multiple roles for a given test

CDash 1.2

New features

  • 0006801 Test Failure History Graph
  • 0007556 ViewSite page should list the users who claimed a site
  • 0007499 Summarize busytime by site
  • 0007204 Error summary page
  • 0007537 Feature request: loggerhead support
  • 0007116 Add functionality to send email to all site claimers
  • 0007124 Add warning and minutes column to the cfg-column
  • 0006943 Feature Request: Use Time, Pass/Fail graphs for navigation
  • 0007209 add a user or group of users from the admin file without a file upload
  • 0007266 seeking ViewVC support in CDash
  • 0007420 Support for WebSVN
  • 0006606 Support for other databases
  • 0007068 Support for multiple repositories update
  • 0007212 Password recovery
  • 0007063 Support <Measurement> tags containing HTML
  • 0006646 Compressing notes
  • 0007019 Email notification of nigthly builds
  • 0006466 Email when an expected nightly does not show up.
  • 0007636 +- reporting on the coverage

Bugs fixed

  • 0007573 Only builds from default groups show when All is selected in Global Move.
  • 0007535 Tests are not sorted by build time
  • 0007497 email should be sent when an expected nightly does not show up
  • 0007532 Claim sites list is slow to generate and unsorted
  • 0007504 <DartMeasurement> output is not SQL-escaped
  • 0006492 There are no options to define "broken"
  • 0007458 add_coverage produce SQL error
  • 0007019 email notification of nigthly builds
  • 0006842 make browser back button and the date forward/backward buttons smarter
  • 0007210 time error hides number summary of test time
  • 0007368 Detail in build warning/error emails
  • 0007246 test summary page shows previous days builds
  • 0007422 Configuration option to request full email in manage project roles
  • 0007051 Timing tests have too many false positives
  • 0006996 Cannot view graphs
  • 0007252 OS Name and Version not displayed in viewSite
  • 0007405 Number of files covered unsatisfactorily is wrong
  • 0007293 CDash doesn't show all modified and conflicted files
  • 0006841 show number of new errors rather than total number of errors
  • 0007299 cdash install issues
  • 0007262 Email always sent for experimental builds
  • 0007247 URL encoding in CTestConfig
  • 0007188 CDash: buildSummary.php reports update time when no update has been made
  • 0007211 Better visualization of the code coverage (more prominent indication of uncovered line)
  • 0007135 Timing test statistics should not sample timing value for a failing test
  • 0007112 Login information not saved
  • 0007113 Cannot directly link to pages in protected projects
  • 0007064 CDash: CDash content of coverage differs to Coverage.xml
  • 0007066 Documentation link
  • 0007053 CDash loses my identity and getting it back requires manually going back to CDash start page.
  • 0007052 Redirect user to login page when private project is not accessible
  • 0007017 Help screen cannot be dismissed if browser window is small
  • 0007021 Parse cvs/svn/git commit comments and make URL expressions clickable hyperlinks
  • 0007018 Output from test is truncated
  • 0007654 Coverage file are truncated
  • 0007573 Only builds from default groups show when All is selected in Global Move.
  • 0006492 There are no options to define "broken"
  • 0007535 Tests are not sorted by build time
  • 0007667 Submitting using a custom track/group name partially fails when contains a dash
  • 0007668 Broken image link on database upgrade
  • 0007648 Commit ordering issue in Nightly Changes page of VTK Cdash (1.0.3)
  • 0007639 Build group description required by MySQL but not set by PHP build group commands

CDash 1.0.2

Bugs fixed

  • 0007016 Create Group does not work under Opera and IE
  • Email submission not working for individual users
  • Several cosmetic fixes

CDash 1.0

Bugs fixed

  • 0006384 Detecting timing defects
  • 0006371 Having the number of nightly changes on the main page
  • 0006497 Method to mark compile warnings, compile errors, and test failures with "fix in progress" or "fixed"
  • 0006508 Test Results information is incomplete for itk
  • 0006894 Wrong number of dynamic analysis defects
  • 0006878 Support for timestamp CTest 2.6
  • 0006612 Bad BuildTimeGraph on buildSummary page for continuous build
  • 0006843 Support of different cvs/svn/web viewers
  • 0006582 CVS Link to a version 1.1 file is invalid
  • 0006664 Incorrect timing and detail report on viewTest page
  • 0006832 Previous Build Incorrect
  • 0006807 RSS feed with private project
  • 0006797 Previous build on build summary page
  • 0006805 Warning when backup and rss directory are not writable
  • 0006798 Warning message when browsing coverage
  • 0006772 Warnings when searching for emails on manageProjectRoles page
  • 0006472 Add ability to remove bogus builds
  • 0006601 Project administrator cannot remove an expected build if it is not submitting
  • 0006471 Add a quick way to upload a cvs/svn user to password file for email notification
  • 0006715 PROJECT pulldown under DASHBOARD pulldown
  • 0006602 Sort by any column on the viewTest and testSummary pages
  • 0006681 Fisheye URL support
  • 0006653 Mouse-over build groups
  • 0006655 Project logo hyperlink
  • 0006942: Show Test Time Graph does not toggle in Internet Explorer
  • 0006939: Separate lists of failing tests from list of passing tests

Database modification

  • Added ‘description’ to table buildgroup
  • Added cvsviewertype to table project
  • Added index siteid in table site2user
  • Added index starttime in table build
  • Added index name in table test (this might take some time to run)
  • Added crc32 with index in table coveragefile
  • Compressing coverage (this might take some time to run)
  • Add support for timestatus in build2test table