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This page provides the validation schemata and example files for direct submission of XML to CDash.

CDash with NUnit

As of version 2.2, CDash partially supports NUnit XML files for tests. The files can either be submitted via CTest or directly uploaded to CDash (via the submit.php as usual). Here's we describe the expected values for direct submission:

CDash uses the <testsuite> tag in order to determine the buildname, sitename and timestamp, necessary for CDash.

 <testsuite hostname="ulmus" name="com.kitware.cjh.Test" timestamp="2012-11-20T20:47:07">

In that case the following match is done: buildname = name (com.kitware.cjh.Test) sitename = hostname (ulmus) timestamp = 20121120-2047-Nightly based on the timestamp value

The timestamp is always set as Nightly when a direct submission (without CTest) is done to CDash.

CDash with JUnit