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Here (http://www.cmake.org/Wiki/Image:CMakeLua.zip) is a source tree for a CMake that also accepts Lua as input. All cmake commands are wrapped and one (get_property) has also been converted to be a function as a test case. This is just an experiment. There is a LuaTest test case (found under CMake/Tests) that works and is shown below. All cmake commands are lower case and are prepended with cm_. I'm not well versed on Lua and this is not a complete conversion.

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-- a simple test case
cm_project ("LuaTest");
cm_add_executable ("LuaTest", "simple.cxx");
sources = {
cm_add_library ("simpleLib", "STATIC", unpack(sources));
cm_target_link_libraries ("LuaTest", "simpleLib");
print("The location of simpleLib is: " ..  
  cm_get_property("TARGET", "simpleLib", "LOCATION"));

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