DICOM Roadmap Dec2011

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Task 1: Complete GDCM work (Alex)

  • Finish adding support for DICOM RT and streaming
  • Do not pursue DICOM Networking from GDCM

Task 2: Create ITK::DCMTK Module

  1. Use ITK module support to include DCMTK with ITK compilation
  2. Offer DCMTK Reader/Writer in ITK's IO factory
  3. Optional: Define data structures for specifying which DICOM Object files should be composed into a volume (when reading) or which DICOM Object files were created when saving a volume to disk. The application can optionally serialize these data structures (e.g. in sqlite) so that previously parsed data can be quickly loaded into ITK without needing to be re-parsed.
    1. Ideally datastructure can also be used by GDCM for reading/writing

Create DICOM-PACS Module for ITK (?)

  • Share (via GIT/Superbuild) DCMTK-PACS code from Slicer/CTK
    • This is the code used to issue a query and receive a list of files
    • The list of files should use the datastructure from ITK::DCMTK Module (Task 2)
  • Update ITK to share (via GIT/Superbuild) DCMTK-PACS code from Slicer/CTK
    • Offer as DICOM-PACS module in ITK
    • Searches returned should be easily passed to the ITK::DCMTK IO facility (Task 2) for reading once transfer has been completed.
    • Also, when multiple DICOM objects have been written to disk, the same data structure for writing them should be able to be passed to the DICOM-PACS Module for upload to a PACS

Slicer DICOM-Objects->itk::Image via DCMTK

  • Update Slicer so that reading/writing DICOM Objects to/from itk::Image is done via ITK's DCMTK

Setup DICOM-PACS Testing

  • Install DICOM Server
  • Create DICOM PACS Tests
    • ITK-only tests
    • ITK+Slicer/CTK tests
    • Slicer/CTK tests
  • Install tests in CTK and ITK