DICOM Roadmap Dec2011

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Task 1: Complete GDCM work (Alex)

  1. Finish adding support for
    1. DICOM RT
    2. Streaming
  • Do *NOT* pursue DICOM Networking from GDCM

Task 2: Create ITK::DCMTK Module

  1. Use ITK module support to include DCMTK with ITK compilation
  2. Offer DCMTK Reader/Writer in ITK's IO factory
  3. Define data structures for specifying which DICOM Object files should be composed into a volume (when reading) or which DICOM Object files were created when saving a volume to disk. The application can optionally serialize these data structures (e.g. in sqlite) so that previously parsed data can be quickly loaded into ITK without needing to be re-parsed. (NOTE ALEX: To be defined, I don't understand)
    1. Ideally datastructure can also be used by GDCM for reading/writing

Task 3: Create DICOM-PACS Module for ITK (?)

  1. Share (via GIT/Superbuild) DCMTK-PACS code from Slicer/CTK
    • This is the code used to issue a query and receive a list of files
    • The list of files should use the datastructure from ITK::DCMTK Module (Task 2.3)
  1. Update ITK to share (via GIT/Superbuild) DCMTK-PACS code from Slicer/CTK
    1. Offer as DICOM-PACS module in ITK
    2. Searches returned should be easily passed to the ITK::DCMTK IO facility (Task 2.2) for reading once transfer has been completed.
    3. Also, when multiple DICOM objects have been written to disk, the same data structure (Task 2.3) for writing them should be able to be passed to the DICOM-PACS Module for upload to a PACS

Task 4: Slicer DICOM-Objects->itk::Image via DCMTK (NAMIC)

  • Update Slicer so that reading/writing DICOM Objects to/from itk::Image is done via ITK's DCMTK

Task 5: Setup DICOM-PACS Testing

  1. Install DICOM Server
    1. DCM4CHEE
  2. Create DICOM PACS Tests
    1. ITK-only tests (alex+drew)
    2. ITK+Slicer/CTK tests (?)
    3. Slicer/CTK tests (NAMIC)
  3. Install tests in CTK and ITK