ITK/Code Review Check List

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Code Review Check List

The following is the list of coding style issues that must be verified on every class and file during a code review.

  • Filename must match class name
  • All files must have the Copyright Header at the top.
  • #define for class name in the .h and .txx files. __classname_h and __classname_txx
  • Brief class doxygen description
  • namespace igstk
  • Complete class doxygen description
  • Constructor/Destructor private/public
  • No acronyms in class name or method names
  • no unnecessary headers #included
  • Justify every public method
  • All member variables must be private
  • 100% code coverage (see dashboard)
  • All 'non-const' method must justify why they are not 'const'
  • Any information that is printed or displayed has to be legible to human eyes