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This currently segfaults on the line  blockMatchingImageFilter->UpdateLargestPossibleRegion();
{{warning|1=The media wiki content on this page is no longer maintainedThe examples presented on the https://itk.org/Wiki/*  pages likely require ITK version 4.13 or earlier releasesIn many cases, the examples on this page no longer conform to the best practices for modern ITK versions.}}
<source lang="cpp">
#include "itkBlockMatchingImageFilter.h"
#include "itkImage.h"
#include "itkImageFileWriter.h"
#include "itkPoint.h"
#include "itkPointSet.h"
typedef itk::Image<unsigned char, 2> ImageType;
static void CreateImage(ImageType::Pointer image, const unsigned int x);
int main(int argc, char *argv[])
  // Create input images
  ImageType::Pointer fixedImage = ImageType::New();
  CreateImage(fixedImage, 40);
  ImageType::Pointer movingImage = ImageType::New();
  CreateImage(movingImage, 50);
//  typedef  itk::ImageFileWriter<ImageType> WriterType;
//  WriterType::Pointer writer = WriterType::New();
//  writer->SetFileName("input.png");
// writer->SetInput(input);
//  writer->Update();
  //  typedef itk::BlockMatchingImageFilter<ImageType, ImageType, PointSetType> BlockMatchingImageFilterType;
  typedef itk::BlockMatchingImageFilter<ImageType> BlockMatchingImageFilterType;
  BlockMatchingImageFilterType::Pointer blockMatchingImageFilter =
  // Generate feature points
// typedef itk::PointSet< float, 2>  PointSetType;
  typedef BlockMatchingImageFilterType::FeaturePointsType  PointSetType;
  typedef PointSetType::PointType PointType;
  typedef PointSetType::PointsContainerPointer PointsContainerPointer;
  PointSetType::Pointer  pointSet = PointSetType::New();
  PointsContainerPointer  points = pointSet->GetPoints();
  PointType p0, p1, p2, p3;
  p0[0]=  40.0; p0[1]= 40.0;
  p1[0]=  40.0; p1[1]= 60.0;
  p2[0]=  60.0; p2[1]= 40.0;
  p3[0]=  60.0; p2[1]= 60.0;
  points->InsertElement(0, p0);
  points->InsertElement(1, p1);
  points->InsertElement(2, p2);
  points->InsertElement(3, p3);
  typename BlockMatchingImageFilterType::DisplacementsType * displacements =
  std::cout << "There are " << displacements->GetNumberOfPoints() << " displacements." << std::endl;
  return EXIT_SUCCESS;
void CreateImage(ImageType::Pointer image, const unsigned int x)
  // Allocate empty image
  itk::Index<2> start; start.Fill(0);
  itk::Size<2> size; size.Fill(100);
   ImageType::RegionType region(start, size);
  // Make a white square
  for(unsigned int r = x; r < x+20; r++)
    for(unsigned int c = 40; c < 60; c++)
      ImageType::IndexType pixelIndex;
      pixelIndex[0] = r;
      pixelIndex[1] = c;
      image->SetPixel(pixelIndex, 255);

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Warning: The media wiki content on this page is no longer maintained. The examples presented on the https://itk.org/Wiki/* pages likely require ITK version 4.13 or earlier releases. In many cases, the examples on this page no longer conform to the best practices for modern ITK versions.