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Gerrit code reviews can be relatively straightforward, but also give the reviewer a chance to look deep into proposed changes building and testing those changes locally. This primer is intended to guide the reader through the process of a deep review of a code change.


This primer assumes a working knowledge of how to build ITK. No details will be given as to how to build and test the code (but they can be found here). This primer also assumes a working knowledge of git. Please see the ITK git pages and/or git books (ProGit, Community Book, or Version Control withGit).

Also required is a Gerrit change to review. We will go through a real life code review of a change submitted to Gerrit.

Select an open change

The primary review site for Gerrit/ITK is From this page, changes may be reviewed, etc. Our review will be of Change I5e76253f: Removed unecessary commented out debugging code commited on Sept. 17, 2010. Because Gerrit is dynamic, this primer will include many screenshots, YMMV.