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The Insight Toolkit is quite a large and complicated framework for medical image processing. It will take some time and effort to get up to speed with it. We recommend new users follow this checklist:

  1. Prerequisites: make sure you have the required software for your platform before you begin
  2. Source: download an appropriate version of the source. We recommend the latest stable release for new users. (Version 2.0 as of February 2005)
  3. Documentation: download at least the "ITK Software Guide", make yourself a large cup of coffee, and start reading
  4. Configuring and Building: there are a few platform-specific notes that you need to consider
  5. HelloInsight: your very first ITK program
  6. Tutorials: Kitware and others have kindly made available a series of tutorials
  7. InsightUsersMailingList: join the mailing list, read and learn
  8. Testing ITK: improve quality of ITK by contributing testing results

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