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This page documents how to use the ITK dashboard branch in Git. See our table of contents for more information.

Using the dashboard scripts

The dashboard branch contains a dashboard client helper script. Use these commands to track it:

$ mkdir -p ~/Dashboards/ITKScripts
$ cd ~/Dashboards/ITKScripts
$ git init
$ git remote add -t dashboard origin http://itk.org/ITK.git
$ git pull origin

The itk_common.cmake script contains setup instructions in its top comments.

Update the dashboard branch to get the latest version of this script by simply running

$ git pull origin

Here is a link to the script as it appears today: itk_common.cmake

Making changes to the dashboard scripts

If you find bugs in the hooks themselves or would like to add new features, the can be edited in the usual Git manner.

$ git checkout -b my_topic_branch

Make your edits, test it, and commit the result. Create a patch file with:

$ git format-patch origin/dashboard

And email the results to the developer's mailing list.