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| [[Proposals:Concept Checking|Concept Checking]] || [[Users:amy|Amy Squillacote]] || Feb 6, 2006 || || ||
| [[Proposals:Concept Checking|Concept Checking]] || [[Users:amy|Amy Squillacote]] || Feb 6, 2006 || || ||
| [[Proposals:Making MetaIO a configurable namespace|Making MetaIO a configurable namespace]] || [[Users:karthik|Karthik Krishnan]] || Mar 19, 2006 || || Mar 17, 2006 || Mar 19, 2006 || Done. Awaiting commit.

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Oversight Committe

The group of ITK developers have selected an oversight committee that will evaluate and discuss additions and modifications of the code in ITK.

The members of the current committee are listed in the following table

Name Organization
Hans Johnson University of Iowa
Julien Jomier University of North Carolina
Josh Cates University of Utah
Jim Miller GE Research
Lydia Ng Allen Institute of Brain Science

Dashboard Oversight

A Dashboard Czar will be named every three months. The role of the Dashboard czar will be to track and solve problems that are shown in the Dashboard related to specific machines. The current honor has been assigned to David Holmes from Mayo Clinic. Information about the Dashboard oversight are available in the following link

ITK Road Map 2005-2006

This section is intended to gather ideas and suggestions regarding the features and functionalities that users and developers would like to see included in future releases of ITK. The scope of the feature should be appropriate for one year of activity.

How To make an ITK Release

This page describe the set of steps needed for making an ITK release. This is pretty detailed technical information and it is only relevant for ITK developers.

Procedure for Contributing New Classes and Algorithms to ITK

This page describes the mechanism for contributing new classes and algorithms to the Insight Toolkit.

Oversight Proposal Process

ITK has a review process for adding new functionality. After a discussion period, the Oversight Committe can be petitioned to accept, modify or reject the proposal.


Title Contact Creation Date Discussed Implementation Status
Logging Daniel Blezek March 4, 2005 March 4, 2005 March 31, 2005 Log4cxx Rejected, will not build on gcc 2.95
Image Orientation Bill Lorensen February 18, 2005 March 31, 2005 Checked in April 6, 2005 Evaluating
Random Number Generation Dan Blezek March 15, 2005 Checked in March, 2005 Proposed
Transform IO Factory Daniel Blezek March 25, 2005 March 25, 2005 April 1, 2005 Working prototype, needs support from BSplineTransform
Iterator Traits Jim Miller April 7, 2005 Proposed
Unpublised Work Macro Luis Ibanez April 7, 2005 Proposed
Deprecation Procedure Luis Ibanez April 8, 2005 Proposed
Dashboard Enforcement Agency Luis Ibanez April 8, 2005 Proposed
Make GDCM the default DICOM Bill Lorensen April 18, 2005 Proposed
Add nifti file IO Hans Johnson May 22, 2005 May 27, 2005 Proposed
Math functions to vnl Hans Johnson June 3, 2005 June 3, 2005 Proposed
Plugin IO mechanisms Jim Miller April 29, 2005 April 29, 2005 Distant past Capability already existed in ITK. Added documentation to Wiki.
Support FITS Image format Luis Ibanez April 29, 2005 Proposed
Slice contiguous images Jim Miller May 17, 2005
Statistics Runtime Vector Size Luis Ibanez Jun 24, 2005 July 29, 2005 Added to ITK.. Evaluating.
Vector Image Luis Ibanez Aug 1, 2005
Iterative Inverse Transform Paul Koshevoy Oct 10, 2005
Refactoring Wrapping Luis Ibanez Oct 10, 2005
Concept Checking Amy Squillacote Feb 6, 2006
Making MetaIO a configurable namespace Karthik Krishnan Mar 19, 2006 Mar 17, 2006 Mar 19, 2006 Done. Awaiting commit.

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