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Oversight Committe

The group of ITK developers have selected an oversight committee that will evaluate and discuss additions and modifications of the code in ITK.

The names of members of this committee will be posted here soon. As well as the recommended procedures for modifying the code in the toolkit.

Dashboard Oversight

A Dashboard Czar will be named every three months. The role of the Dashboard czar will be to track and solve problems that are shown in the Dashboard related to specific machines. The current honor has been assigned to David Holmes from Mayo Clinic.

As a support for his effort, the following contact information per Dashboard machine should be kept updated.

Machine Institution Architecture Contact
terminus.kitware KITWARE Windows XP PC Luis Ibanez
camelot.kitware KITWARE Linux Debian PC Luis Ibanez
zion.kitware KITWARE Linux Debian PC Luis Ibanez
G4Cube.­SINTEF SINTEF Darwin MAC Jon H Kaspersen
krondor.kitware KITWARE Darwin MAC Bill Hoffman
ct02_oc.crd GE IRIX 64 Jim Miller
james.uiowa University of Iowa Linux Hans Johnson
voltaire.caddlab.unc UNC CADDLab Linux Julien Jomier