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New Features

  • Wrapping improvements
    • ITK_USE_64BITS_IDS supported on Windows
    • Faster builds (CastXML calls and build targets reduced by half)
    • Faster runtime loading and smaller binary size due to hidden symbol visibility
    • Wrapping with BUILD_SHARED_LIBS disabled is supported
    • Do not link to libpython when possible
    • Filter types do not need to be specified when “Input=inputImage” is specified in the constructor
    • Improved wrapping class coverage
    • Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 Supported
    • GCC 6.1 supported
  • Core Improvements
    • Data and build tool downloads now over HTTPS
    • Extended constexpr usage with ITK_CONSTEXPR and ITKCONSTEXPR_FUNC macros
    • ITK_USE_64BITS_IDS, required to process 4GB+ images on Windows, now enabled by default
    • VNL updated and modernized
    • CMake configuration major modernization
    • vcl has been removed in favor of the standard libraries
    • vnl_math_ function avoided in favor of std:: and itk::Math
    • VNL had suppressed integer data conversion warnings on Visual Studio (C4257); this suppression has been removed and all warnings addressed
    • Various improvements for building a module externally against an ITK build tree
    • CMAKE_POSITION_INDEPENDENT_CODE is enabled by default
    • Improved EXERCISE_BASIC_OBJECT_METHODS testing macro
  • Filtering Improvements
    • RGB pixel support added to itk::ImageToVTKImageFilter
    • itk::Box* filters moved out of the Review module
    • itk::GaussianDerivativeOperator moved out of the Review module
    • MaskLabel is deprecated in N4BiasFieldCorrectionFilter in favor any non-zero pixel
  • Registration Improvements
    • Fixed and moving masks added to the v4 registration methods
  • Documentation Improvements
    • Updates to the Software Guide, Doxygen, Wiki and Sphinx Examples
    • New examples on to convert between ITK and VTK
    • New example on how to perform vector image registration
    • The ITK Software Guide describes how to add a third-party dependency to a module
  • Third Party Library Updates
    • pygccxml updated to v1.7.3
    • GDCM updated to the release branch latest
    • VNL updated to latest upstream
    • MINC updated to the latest upstream
    • SWIG updated to v3.0.8
    • PCRE update to v8.38