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List of changes since v4.6rc03

Arnaud Gelas (1):

     DOC: ThresholdBetween does not exist, it should be ThresholdOutside

Bradley Lowekamp (6):

     BUG: Remove division in inner loop for otsu threshold calculator
     COMP: Fix implicit conversion warnings
     BUG: Print the histogram calculator for auto threshold filter
     BUG: Use tolerant float compare when choosing better otsu threshold
     BUG: Fix out of bounds access for image region size
     BUG: Add export specification to DCMTKFileReader and utilities

Luis Ibanez (1):

     BUG: Increased OtsuThreshold computation precision

Matthew McCormick (13):

     COMP: Remove unused local typedef's.
     COMP: Make Doxygen Modules group definition consistent.
     STYLE: Improve readability and const correctness of ImageIORegion.
     BUG: GDCM does not apply rescale slope / intercept on write.
     COMP: Ignore itkIndex.h -Warray-bounds warnings on GCC 4.9.
     COMP: Remove unused typedefs in ITKReview module.
     COMP: Remove unused FFTW typedef's.
     COMP: Remove unused typedefs from the Examples.
     COMP: Remove unused typedefs in compatibility code.
     BUG: Fix GDCM buffer size when written pixel type is different.
     COMP: Disable array above bounds warnings in FixedArray for GCC 4.9.
     BUG: Increase itkVoronoiPartitioningImageFilterTest1 for 32-bit builds.
     BUG: Set output type to unsigned char when writing uchar in GDCMIO test.

Michka Popoff (3):

     BUG: Fix GeodesicActiveContourImageFilterOutput7.png
     STYLE: Threshold Segmentation LevelSet Image Filter Figure
     ENH: Remove example

List of changes since v4.6rc02

Ali Ghayoor (1):

 	ENH: Convert seven ImageRegistration examples to ITKv4

Bradley Lowekamp (2):

 	BUG: Remove multiple per-pixel allocations in Mahalanobis Membership
 	COMP: Fix unused-local-typedef warnings in the Registration and Numeric

Hans Johnson (1):

 	ENH: Prepare for ITKv4 registration Examples

Matthew McCormick (5):

 	BUG: Improve module Group membership detection.
 	COMP: Fix unused-local-typedef warnings in Group Core.
 	BUG: Update TransformReadWrite example.
 	COMP: Fix unused-local-typedef warnings in the Filtering Group.
 	COMP: Remove unused typedefs.

Nick Tustison (1):

 	ENH:  Missed spec for generic computation type.

List of changes since v4.6rc01

Bradley Lowekamp (3):

     DOC: Add break in brief description of Canny edge filter
     BUG: Add additional MetaDataObject explicit instantiation.

Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin (2):

     COMP: Fix "unused-local-typedefs" warnings
     COMP: Fix "unused-local-typedefs" warning in LandmarkBasedTransformInitializer

Kent Williams (1):

     COMP: Fix typo in ReflectiveImageRegionConstIterator.

Matthew McCormick (4):

     DOC: CMake warning BRANWEB -> BRAINWEB.
     BUG: Remove -Wno-unused-local-typedefs flag.
     COMP: Fix IOSTL Doxygen group and Windows shared build.
     BUG: Use Remote repository explicitly on git fetch.

Michka Popoff (6):

     COMP: Move itkMatrixCoefficients wrapping to Filtering module
     COMP: Fix wrapping with Core only
     STYLE: Pep8 cleanup for generators
     COMP: Fix default wrapping with all modules
     ENH: Use open() instead of file() for python 3 compatibility
     ENH: Allow to use methods which pass std::string by reference from python

Nick Tustison (1):

     ENH:  Adding generic computation type.

List of changes since v4.5.0

Alexander Schmidt-Richberg (1):

     ENH: Added *.remote.cmake for remote module VariationalRegistration

Ali Ghayoor (22):

     ENH: Add a registration test for LBFGS-B optimizer
     ENH: Add versorTransformOptimizerv4 class to ITKv4
     BUG: Fix Coverity defects for LBFGS-B tests
     BUG: avoid division by zero in versorOptimizerv4
     ENH: Add RegularStep gradient optimizer to ITKv4
     DOC: The use of VersorTransformOptimizerv4 is deprecated.
     ENH: [SG]et optimizable params ITKv4 registration
     ENH: remove VersorTransformOptimizerv4 from ITKv4
     ENH: Add AmoebaOptimizerv4 to ITKv4 registration
     ENH: Add ExhaustiveOptimizerv4 to ITKv4 registration
     ENH: Add PowellOptimizerv4 to ITKv4 registration
     BUG: define the GetStopConditionDescription as a public member funciton
     ENH: Add OnePlusOneEvolutionaryOptimizerv4 to ITKv4 registration
     BUG: lbfgsb optimizer could not be used in unbounded mode
     ENH: Add GetCurrentIteration to ExhaustiveOptimizerv4
     ENH: Add currentIteration to the AmoebaOptimizerv4
     PERF: Move the currentIteration to optimizersv4 base class
     ENH: Move the NumberOfIterations to the Optimizersv4 base class
     PERF: Change the parent class of RegularStepGradDescentv4 optimizer
     ENH: Add currentIteration to LBFGSBOptimizerv4
     BUG: Fix memory leak in LBFGSBOptimzierv4
     ENH: Add distance vector to KdTree search API

Bill Lorensen (32):

     BUG: Tiff compression was broken and untested
     ENH: Add SetJPEGQuality method
     COMP: Missing breaks in swithc
     COMP: Uninitialized scalar field
     COMP: Uninitialized scalar field
     COMP: Unused pointer value
     ENH: Add SkullStrip Remote Module
     BUG: Tiff compression was broken and untested
     COMP: Missing breaks in swithc
     ENH: Improved message for missing IO factories
     COMP: Remove vcl_time and vcl_clock
     ENH: Remove vcl_math calls
     COMP: std::abs integral overloads not always provided
     COMP: Array versus singleton access
     COMP: Failed to check dynamic_cast results
     STYLE: Empty lines exceed 3
     COMP: Uninitialized member data
     BUG: Two tests try to write the same file
     ENH: Uninitialized scalar field
     COMP: Constructor initialize list improvement
     COMP: Type warnings in constructors
     BUG: Copy/paste error
     COMP: Arguments of wrong type
     BUG: Buffer not null terminated
     BUG: Dereference after null check
     BUG: Division or modulo by zero
     ENH: Uninitialized scalar field
     BUG: Uninitialized scalar field
     BUG: Not restoring ostream format
     ENH: Add an exception safe state restore class for streams
     BUG: Not restoring ostream format
     ENH: Add WikiExamples as a remote module

Brad King (4):

     COMP: Remove extra calls to cmake_minimum_required
     COMP: Fix cmake_minimum_required call order
     COMP: Set CMake Policies CMP0025 and CMP0042 as necessary
     COMP: Add missing call to cmake_minimum_required

Bradley Lowekamp (91):

     ENH: Removed non-work TCL Examples
     DOC: Add missing const in Doxygen GetConstReferenceMacro
     BUG: Correctly re-throw exception to restore AbortEvent, ProcessAborted
     BUG: Emit StartEvent before a ProgressEvent
     BUG: Do not throw exception in Probes with mis-matched Stop
     BUG: Correctly re-throw exception to restore AbortEvent, ProcessAborted
     BUG: Adding export specification to Exception objects
     COMP: fix unused variable warning in abort test
     BUG: Adding export specification to Exception objects
     COMP: fix failing voronoi segmentation tests
     COMP: Remove explicit typed exception specifications
     ENH: Print Object name for observers of objects
     ENH: Adding progress reporting to some filters
     BUG: fixing grind peak progress to reach 1.0
     COMP: use std::transform with static_cast to avoid conversion warning
     BUG: disable ipa-cp-clone in GDCM
     COMP: fix unused variable warning in abort test
     BUG: Do not throw exception in Probes with mis-matched Stop
     BUG: Address Shared Library issues with SCIFIO
     COMP: fix failing voronoi segmentation tests
     COMP: export required in explicitly defined NumbericTraits consts
     DOC: Make comment the Doxygen brief
     BUG: Adding missing raw data file to MINC test
     BUG: Fix linkage for SmartPointerForwardReference for clang 4
     BUG: Fixing missing char type and doc for Thresholding filters
     BUG: Add support for system libtiff 4.0.0-4.0.2
     BUG: remove second wrapping of BinShrink for scalars
     BUG: Fix LabelStatistics and LabelOverlap to require same image size
     PERF: Remove IncreaseFrequencyOfMeasurement from inner loops
     STYLE: Save deference iterator mapped type to variable
     PERF: switch to scanline and linear iterators
     COMP: Fix checks for system libtiff
     PERF: add namespace swap to SmartPoitners
     PERF: Use stl iterator algorithm in Iterator Partitioner
     BUG: Add mutex lock to MersenneTwister GetInstance
     STYLE: MersenneTwister move methods to cxx, docs
     STYLE: renaming files to standard ITK conventions
     ENH: Improving Noise Simulation Filters
     COMP: Explicitly make constant an unsigned int
     BUG: Fix uninitialized ivar in NoiseBaseImageFilter
     ENH: Make NoiseBaseImageFilter an abstract base class
     COMP: remove extraneous cast to double
     BUG: Same test function in different file causes conflict
     ENH: Explicitly specify internal linkage for internal observer objects
     ENH: Enable observed events to modify observers
     BUG: Catch exception in DeleteEvent
     STYLE: dynamic_cast to pointer does not throw
     COMP: Fix GCC warning about unused typedef in ConceptChecking
     COMP: Adding itkMacro.h for ITK_NULLPTR definition
     ENH: Use DynamicCastInDebugMod for name input macros
     BUG: Add support for signed char output
     BUG: Use NewMacro for Clone with TimeVaryingVElocityFieldTransforms
     ENH: Improve DataObjectDecorator with Modifiable, Graft ReleaseData
     ENH: Improve Resample's use of pipeline inputs
     ENH: Adding output of line and file on test failure
     ENH: Add InitialTransform as pipelined input with inplace option
     ENH: Use Transform base class as default template parameter
     ENH: Use InitialTransform in deformation examples
     COMP: add missing stl algorithm header for std::max
     COMP: add missing stl algorithm header for std::max
     Revert "ENH: Add Remote module group description to Doxygen."
     COMP: Remove incorrect override declaration
     ENH: Encapsulate expat header
     ENH: Make IntialMoving and InitialFixed transforms decorated inputs
     ENH: Update SimpleRegistration test
     BUG: Don't create new Decorator in GenerateData
     BUG: Use referenceImage for output information
     ENH: Adding some ImageIO libraries as shared
     ENH: Use TransformParametersAdaporBase on Transform base class
     ENH: Removing const_casts from ImageRegistrationv4 tests
     BUG: Add AllocateOutputs method to other v4 RegistrationMethods
     ENH: Update v4 registration tests to set initial transform
     BUG: Explicitly instantiate common MetaDataObjects
     BUG: Disable explicit visibility with OSX gcc  and llvm gcc 4.2
     ENH: Register GE Image formats
     COMP: Fix warning for overloading AllocateElements
     COMP: Suppress warning for using extern template instantiation
     PERF: Use shallow swap over deep assignment
     ENH: Use LearingRate member variable for scaling gradient
     ENH: support learning rate estimation for regular step optimizer
     COMP: Add space between string literals
     ENH: remove catch as dynamic_cast of pointers is nothrow
     BUG: Use rounding in TestingStretchIntensity for portability
     BUG: Warn if unsupported ITK_BRAINWEB_DATA_ROOT is being used
     ENH: Use MultiResolutionIteration event for registration
     ENH: Use exception safe copy-and-swap for assignment
     BUG: Use DEPENDS for dependent files
     STYLE: Add itkPrintSelfObjectMacro to improve indenting
     BUG: Print missing member variables
     ENH: Make more IO modules shared.
     COMP: Add missing header for EXIT_FAILURE

Brian Helba (66):

     ENH: Disable tip to enable Uncrustify from SetupForDevelopment
     STYLE: Rename TValueType template parameters to TValue
     COMP: Fix compiler warnings with ITK_USE_SYSTEM_VXL
     BUG: Make all specializations NumericTrails::SetLength re-zero contents
     ENH: 3048, 3224: Refactor *SampleFilters to fix multiple issues
     ENH: Re-enable the array-bounds warnings for GCC 4.7
     DOC: Fix a bug with SquaredEdgeLengthDecimationQuadEdgeMeshFilter
     DOC: Clean up comments in NiftiImageIO, for better Doxygen compatibility
     STYLE: Remove unused typedefs from AlgorithmsPrintTests
     BUG: Fix improper usage of VoronoiSegmentationRGBImageFilter
     ENH: Move OpenFileForReading/Writing from StreamingImageIO to parent class
     ENH: Improve OpenFileForReading/Writing logic and documentation
     BUG: Prevent ObjectFactoryBase from possibly throwing an exception
     STYLE: Make internal-use CMake variables lowercase in KWStyle.cmake
     PERF: Prevent FindKWStyle.cmake from being called multiple times
     BUG: Fix FindKWStyle crash when kwstyle returns empty version info
     BUG: Fix Coverity issue 1081600: Use after free
     BUG: Update SmoothingRecursiveYvvGaussianFilter to fix CMake warnings
     ENH: Update ImageIO classes to use OpenFileForReading/Writing
     COMP: Fix array subscript build warning
     COMP: Except Git's status messages from CTest reporting
     COMP: Suppress Coverity defect when Examples create an ITK object
     BUG: Fix uninitialized variable in GradientRecursiveGaussianImageFilter
     DOC: Fix documentation in VoronoiDiagram2DGenerator
     BUG: Coverity 1081062: Fix big parameter passed by value
     BUG: Update IOSTL to include new bug fixes upstream
     DOC: Improve documentation for StatisticsAlgorithm functions
     BUG: Coverity 1130670: Buffer not null terminated in GE4ImageIO
     BUG: Coverity 1103200: Copy into fixed size buffer in GE5ImageIO
     STYLE: Coverity 1080839: Dead default in switch in QuadEdgeMeshEulerOperatorJoinVertexTest
     STYLE: Coverity 1080963: Dereference after null check in TreeIteratorBase
     BUG: Coverity 1081009: Missing break in switch in GiftiMeshIO
     BUG: Coverity 1081422: Uninitialized pointer field in QuadEdgeMeshFrontBaseIterator
     STYLE: Coverity 1081140: Dereference before null check
     BUG: Coverity 1081547: Uninitialized pointer field in ConnectedRegionsMeshFilter
     STYLE: Coverity 40ee44a9: Self assignment in VoronoiSegmentationImageFilterTest
     BUG: Coverity 1081129: Dereference before null check in itkIOCommonTest
     COMP: Update libminc from upstream, fixing a compiler warning on OSX
     BUG: Coverity 1081019: Improper use of negative value in StringTools
     COMP: Fix downcast warnings
     BUG: Coverity 1103189: Big parameter passed by value in FindSampleBound
     COMP: Fix implicit conversion warning
     COMP: Fix unused variable warning on Intel compilers
     BUG: Fix uninitialized variable in GradientRecursiveGaussianImageFilter
     BUG: Make all specializations NumericTrails::SetLength re-zero contents
     BUG: Update SmoothingRecursiveYvvGaussianFilter remote module
     BUG: Update SplitComponents remote module
     COMP: Fix implicit conversion warning
     BUG: Update SmoothingRecursiveYvvGaussianFilter remote module
     COMP: Update LesionSizingToolkit remote module from upstream
     STYLE: Coverity 1103618-1103620: Structurally dead code
     STYLE: Coverity 1081585: Structurally dead code
     STYLE: Coverity 1081584: Structurally dead code
     STYLE: Coverity 1081583: Structurally dead code
     STYLE: Coverity 1081580: Structurally dead code
     STYLE: Coverity 1081570-1081578: Structurally dead code
     STYLE: Coverity 1081566-1081568: Structurally dead code
     STYLE: Coverity 1081564: Structurally dead code
     STYLE: Coverity 1080826-1080827: Logically dead code
     STYLE: Coverity 1080862: Logically dead code
     STYLE: Coverity 1081598: Unused pointer value
     BUG: Coverity 1103595: Uninitialized pointer field
     BUG: Coverity 1081508: Uninitialized pointer field
     BUG: Fix uninitialized pointer fields
     BUG: Coverity 1081381: Uninitialized scalar field
     STYLE: Coverity 1103107-1103116: Logically dead code

Constantine Zakkaroff (1):

     DOC: HelloWorld Comments Edit for ITKSoftwareGuide

David Cole (2):

     COMP: Eliminate some level 4 warnings
     BUG: Add missing header files to enable try_run tests to run without crashing

Dirk Padfield (2):

     DOC: Improved comments and reorganized code for IsolatedConnected
     DOC: Corrected documentation for threshold boundaries.

Eric Greveson (1):

     ENH: Add setters for the overlay functor in labelmap overlay filters.

Fotis Drakopoulos (1):

     ENH: Adding GetFEMFilter method to PhysicsBasedNonRidgidRegistrationMethod.

GCC-XML Upstream (1):

     pygccxml 1.0.0 (reduced)

Gaëtan Lehmann (1):

     ENH: Importing files from Noise Simulation Article

Gib Bogle (1):

     BUG: Windows BigTIFF errors: stat failure and lack of COMPRESSION_DEFLATE

Google double-conversion Maintainers (1):

     COMP: Google double-conversion (reduced)

Guillaume Pasero (1):

     ENH: Add mangling to internal OpenJpeg

Hans Johnson (40):

     PERF: 15% speed improvement for registration
     PERF: Simplify conditionals in loop
     COMP: Conditional assert check warning unused var.
     COMP: SimpleITK linkage failure
     BUG: Missing Modified() call
     COMP: SimpleITK linkage failure
     BUG: Element numbers 1053, 1052 not hex
     BUG: Remove valgrind reported leak
     BUG: Add missing transform types to factory
     BUG: Missing Modified() call
     PERF: Reviewing code for facilitating compiler optimizations
     COMP: Fix const constructor for const arrays
     ENH: Add LBFGOptimizerv4(for BSPline registration)
     COMP: Test failure from numerical precision
     BUG: Memory leak introduced.
     COMP: Remove deprecated 'register' keyword
     ENH: Ignore autocompletion clang helper files
     ENH: Move to latest remote module tag
     STYLE: Improve testing of member Get/Set functions
     COMP: Update AnalyzeObjectMapIO replacing deprecated
     DOC: Fixed documentation regarding multi-threading
     DOC: Improved Image Representation
     PERF: Minimize redundant function calls
     PERF: Pull loop termination constants out of loop
     ENH: Refactoring the CompositeTransform class
     STYLE: Explicitly declare virtual for derived class member functions
     STYLE: Explicitly recognize virtual functions
     STYLE: Add ITK_NULLPTR supporting c++11 checks
     BUG: Missing parentheses for logic comparison
     STYLE: Explicitly declare virtual (cont. of 1c8609)
     STYLE: Consistency of threadID and threadId
     BUG: FFTConvolutionImageFilter outputs incorrect
     STYLE: GetStopConditionDescription abstract method
     PERF: Re-use jacobian rather than instantiation
     ENH: Improve test in preparation for performance testing
     PERF: Code simplifications for performance testing
     BUG: Missed an API change for Allocate
     STYLE: Remove unnecessary comments.
     BUG: Expose unusable functions
     BUG: Incomplete refactoring of member variable name

Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin (1):

     COMP: Fix "unused-local-typedefs" warnings

Jens Wetzl (2):

     BUG: Fix race conditions in itkInvertDisplacementFieldImageFilter
     STYLE: Incorporated reviewer suggestions

Jon Haitz Legarreta (8):

     ENH: New test for itkSigmoidTransferFunction.
     COMP: Fix type casting build warning.
     ENH: New test for itkLogSigmoidTransferFunction
     ENH: Added call to Print() method
     STYLE: Changed LogSigmoidTransferFunction template argument names.
     ENH: Added StatisticsRelabelImageFilterTest to testing
     BUG: Fix issues with the BinaryStatisticsOpeningImageFilter test
     COMP: Test for itkCustomColormapFunction

Kent Williams (13):

     ENH: Add remote module for AnalyzeObjectMapIO
     BUG: incorrect loop var increment
     COMP: Update the DoubleConversion library upstream update script.
     ENH: Turn off DCMTK Logger messages by default
     COMP: fixed license test command in
     ENH: Add FDFImageIO as a remote module.
     PERF: replace image allocate followed by fillbuffer with allocate(true)
     COMP: Add test to verify Slope/Intercept handling
     BUG: GDCM reporting wrong spacing for some Media Types
     ENH: Add test for itkTestingStretchIntensityImageFilter
     COMP: Fix misplaced closing brace
     ENH: Remove try/catch exception handling around dynamic_catch
     ENH: Disallow vector multiply by itself

Liza Shrestha (1):

     COMP: Added new unit tests for increasing code coverage

Luis Ibanez (11):

     ENH: Add STLMeshIO remote module.
     BUG: Fixed module name IOSTL.
     COMP: Fixing instantiation of templated functions.
     BUG: Fixed Affine test 32bits. Precision checks.
     PERF: Accelerate initialize via selective testing.
     COMP: ShapeUniqueLabelMapFilter test was missing.
     STYLE: Coverity 1103119: Logically dead code
     BUG: itkLoggerThreadWrapper test was disabled.
     BUG: No DiscreteHessianGaussianImageFunctionTest.
     BUG: DiffusionTensorReconstruction lacked Progress
     BUG: TestingExtractSliceImageFilter lacked test.

Luke Bloy (4):

     BUG: Fixes itkBoxSpatialObject part of issue ITK-3153
     BUG: Fixes itkImageMaskSpatialObject part of issue ITK-3153
     BUG: Fixes itkBoxSpatialObject part of issue ITK-3153
     BUG: Fixes itkImageMaskSpatialObject part of issue ITK-3153

Marius Staring (2):

     ENH: add reset function to resource probe
     ENH: adding handle to RealTimeClock

Mark Hiner (1):

     ENH: bump to latest scifio-imageio

Martin Steghöfer (1):

     BUG: Match behavior of SimpleFastMutexLock on different platforms (#ITK-3248)

Matthew McCormick (93):

     ENH: Bump CMakeLists.txt to version 4.6.0.
     BUG: Remove unused itkAffineTransformXX.txt content links.
     BUG: Avoid SimpleImageRegistration{Float,Double}Test output clobbering.
     BUG: Prevent MINC transform tests outputs from clobbering.
     BUG: Add random number generator seed for vnl_algo_test_sparse_lm.
     COMP: Update libminc to latest version.
     ENH: Only build tests for modules explicitly enabled.
     BUG: Remove unused forward declarations in RegistrationMethodsv4.
     COMP: Update libminc to latest version.
     ENH: Add REQUIRES_DISPLAY CTest label.
     ENH: Add SplitComponents Remote Module.
     DOC: Suggest MeshFileReader instead VTKPolyDataReader.
     DOC: Add itkSetGetDecoratedInputMacro definition for Doxygen.
     COMP: Bump DCMTK to fix warning.
     BUG: Wrap TransformFileReader, TransformFileWriter.
     BUG: Remove unused itkAffineTransformXX.txt content links.
     COMP: Wrap OptimizerParameterScalesEstimatorTemplate.
     COMP: CommandIterationUpdate has field whose type uses anonymous namespace.
     COMP: Do not use -fno-ipa-cp-clone with clang.
     ENH: Move TransformToDisplacementFieldSource out of Review.
     ENH: Bump ITK version to 4.5.1.
     COMP: ImageRegistrationHistogramPlotter Clone never referenced.
     ENH: Add the ITK_INSTALL_LIBRARY_DIR to WrapITK.pth.
     ENH: Bump SCIFIO to add wrapping.
     COMP: ImageRegistrationHistogramPlotter unchecked dynamic_cast.
     BUG: Fix Array memory leaks with non-const construction.
     BUG: Prevent ambiguous Array construction methods.
     COMP: HDF5 library version variables contain '@'.
     COMP: Remove add_custom_command(SOURCE...
     COMP: Wrap OptimizerParameterScalesEstimatorTemplate.
     BUG: Wrap TransformFileReader, TransformFileWriter.
     COMP: Add missing itkVerson.h header.
     COMP: LBFGSOptimizerBasev4 explicit Doxygen link request.
     ENH: Bump FFTW to 3.3.3.
     COMP: Duplicated VectorContainer wrapping for real types.
     BUG: Increase tolerance for itkFEMC0TriangularElement-NodalLoads-BCs
     STYLE: Add missing "Test" to GDCM test names and filenames.
     DOC: No ReferenceImage members in TransformToDisplacementFieldSource.
     COMP: Bump LesionSizingToolkit for Doxygen warnings.
     BUG: GDCM Series does not write z-spacing.
     COMP: Remove unreachable return statements.
     ENH: Add ITK_FORBID_DOWNLOADS option. ITK-3239
     COMP: Bump SplitComponents Remote for Doxygen warnings.
     COMP: return will never be executed after exception thrown.
     BUG: Invalid read during ImageIOBase SetDirection.
     COMP: Fix failed itkTIFFImageIOCompressionTest merge.
     ENH: Bump version to 4.5.2.
     COMP: return will never be executed after exception thrown.
     COMP: SigmoidTransferFunction conversion from double.
     BUG: BoxImageFilter GenerateInputRequestRegion public -> protected.
     DOC: KernelImageFilter does not reimplement GenerateInputRequestedRegion.
     STYLE: Remove SigmoidTransferFunction .hxx doxy comments.
     BUG: Clean up Python module2module test.
     BUG: TestingExtractSliceImageFilterTest v3 direction strategy.
     STYLE: Remove duplicated TestingExtractSliceImageFilter doxygen.
     COMP: Use latex formula for HoughTransform doxygen.
     COMP: SigmoidTransferFunction members Alpha, Beta real type.
     STYLE: Fix SigmoidTransformFunction template argument names.
     COMP: print_function import.
     BUG: Fix print function errors in pygccxml.
     BUG: Fix print functions in
     ENH: Add Remote module group description to Doxygen.
     STYLE: Clean up MetaDataObjectBase.
     STYLE: Clean up MetaDataObject.
     ENH: Add unit test for MetaDataObject.
     ENH: Add MetaDataObject Print specialization for common types.
     STYLE: Fix template statements in SigmoidTransformFunction.
     BUG: Remove public MetaDataObject constructors.
     BUG: Add missing private copy constructors to MetaDataObject.
     BUG: Remove FEMRegistrationFilter debug code.
     DOC: Improve documentation and types for SplitRequestedRegion.
     Revert "Revert "ENH: Add Remote module group description to Doxygen.""
     DOC: Remove errant "+" in Remote_documentation.
     ENH: For shared libraries when wrapping.
     ENH: Collect all wrapping configuration checks in one place.
     ENH: Better CMake defaults with wrapping.
     ENH: Replace CSWIG preprocessor definition with ITK_WRAPPING.
     BUG: Remove old file.
     ENH: Move MagnitudeAndPhaseToComplexImageFilter out of Review.
     COMP: Fix Doxygen warnings in itkMetaDataObject.h.
     BUG: Exclude Remote Modules the default ON Group values.
     COMP: Documentation CMake target must come before add_custom_command.
     BUG: Assign Remote modules to groups more robustly.
     BUG: Remove MagnitudeAndPhaseWriteComplexImageFilter test from Review Module.
     BUG: Remove old tests from Review for classes that have been removed.
     DOC: Fix Software Guide LaTeX syntax errors in the examples.
     COMP: Define ITKCommon_EXPORT_EXPLICIT for Doxygen.
     COMP: Remove itkImageReadComplexWriteMagnitudeAndPhaseTest.cxx from list.
     BUG: Move MagnitudeAndPhaseToComplexImageFilter to the ImageIntensity module.
     COMP: StdStreamStateSave Doxygen include.
     ENH: Add Sphinx examples as a Remote Module.

Matthew Woehlke (1):

     COMP: Fix egregious -Wcast-qual warnings

Michka Popoff (53):

     BUG: Fix for the WrapITK.pth destination path
     COMP: Fixes the Python wrapping under OS 10.8.5
     STYLE: Removed itkExtras folder
     BUG: Fix for the WrapITK.pth destination path
     COMP: Fixed itkQuasiNewtonOptimizerv4 wrapping warnings
     STYLE: 4 space indentation for python files
     COMP: Fixed itkGradientDescentOptimizerv4 wrapping warnings
     STYLE: Removed deprecated itk functions
     STYLE: Removed unused and misplaced python tests
     STYLE: Removed legacy python importing
     STYLE: Pep8 cleanup for the python files
     STYLE: Remove deprecated python strel function
     COMP: Fixed itkQuasiNewtonOptimizerv4 wrapping warnings
     COMP: Fixed itkGradientDescentOptimizerv4 wrapping warnings
     ENH: Use python warnings module for template warnings
     COMP: Duplicated wrapping for double in Array2D
     COMP: Update SWIG to 2.0.12
     COMP: Require at least Python 2.6 for Python wrapping
     ENH: Remove python dl dependency
     ENH: Remove psyco import
     COMP: Update PCRE to 8.34
     ENH: Update Swig to 3.0.0
     STYLE: Remove WrapITK versions
     COMP: Remove cmp0011 in wrapping
     COMP: Remove unused code in ConfigureWrapping.cmake
     COMP: Remove clrLine in itkExtras
     COMP: Fix the python import and progress callbacks
     STYLE: Remove reference to CableSwig
     STYLE: Clean up BinaryThresholdImageFilter (python)
     COMP: Fix the Python ResampleImageFilter test
     ENH: Bump SCIFIO for OS X installation
     ENH: Bump SCIFIO for OS X installation
     COMP: Update PCRE to 8.35
     STYLE: Remove unused compile all code for Python Wrapping
     ENH: Replace python print with print() function
     STYLE: Remove deprecated Python wrapping macros
     COMP: Fix failing header test
     COMP: Fix the writing of .idx files
     COMP: Fix python print import for .pth file creation
     COMP: Fix print import statement in
     STYLE: Refactor swig call and code cleanup
     COMP: Fix for wrapping warnings (RealTimeClock and SimpleFastMutexLock)
     STYLE: Remove old Python examples
     COMP: Update gccxml
     ENH: Use pygccxml snapshot.
     ENH: Update to swig 3.0.2
     DOC: Update commit instructions for JIRA bugtracker
     ENH: Update GCCXML
     BUG: Fix wrapping with dimension 2 only
     COMP: Temporarily hide pygccxml warnings
     BUG: Do not wrap BinaryMask3DMeshSource when building with 2D only
     COMP: Move itkMatrixCoefficients wrapping to Filtering module
     COMP: Fix wrapping with Core only

Miguel Algaba (1):

     ENH: Added further Solve methods to VNLSparseLUSolverTraits

Nick Tustison (2):

     BUG:  Ignored the case for exceeding iteration limit.
     ENH: Preparing point set metrics for use with registration.

Rashad M (1):

     STYLE: Allow system installed expat library with ITK_USE_SYSTEM_EXPAT=ON

Sean McBride (6):

     BUG: initialize m_SmallBlock ivar in ctor; fixes garbage read
     BUG: changed some variables involved in shifting to unsigned
     COMP: Updated libminc to a78661bb592359ab86f417cc0c298299e593d808
     BUG: initialize m_SmallBlock ivar in ctor; fixes garbage read
     PERF: Mark ImageRegistration8Test with RUNS_LONG
     COMP: workaround clang -Windent warnings by fixing indentation

Sebastian Pölsterl (1):

     BUG: Return null pointer if class label does not exist (#3235)

Taylor Braun-Jones (1):

     ENH: Expose the output stream operator for LightObject

Vladimir Chalupecky (1):

     DOC: Fix description of SpatialObject::GetBoundingBox()

Vladimir S. FONOV (3):

     COMP: Fixed libminc to build on Windows
     COMP: Updated libminc, hopefully reducing number of warnings
     COMP: Improved MINCIOTransform tests

Wei Liu (1):

     BUG: Fixed a bug in ExpectationMaximiationMixtureModelEstimator.

Yves Frederix (1):

     ENH: GeodesicActiveContourShapePrior deals with DerivativeSigma equal to zero