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Source Code

Download via Git from

  git clone  git://


  • Configure with CMake
  • Default options should do just fine

Linux Example

If you are lucky enough to be using Linux, (or a *nix system), you can do:

   mkdir ~/bin/KWStyle
   cd  ~/bin/KWStyle
   ccmake ~/src/KWStyle

for convienence do:


if you want to install it in $HOME/local

and also configure it to build for Release:


finally build and install with:

   make install

Use from ITK

Rerun CMake in your ITK build.

Turn ON the flag:


Indicate where the KWStyle executable is located. For example, if you installed it as suggested above, then set:

   KWSTYLE_EXECUTABLE    ~/local/bin/KWStyle

and finally, set your favorite format for error reporting.

The options are:


This will allow you to run KWStyle from your development environment and process the style errors just the same way that you manage compilation errors.

For example, if you are a fortunate enough to be a user of Vim, you can do:


and from inside the editor type

  :make StyleCheckCode

if any errors are reported, the relevant files will be open inside the editor, just the same way as if C++ compilation errors had occurred during a normal build.

If you are not familiar with the Vim mode for "edit-compile-edit cycle", do yourself a favor and read:

   :help quickfix

It will change your life.

An additional target for coding style is

   :make StyleCheckCode

You can also run the Style checks as tests by doing from the command line:

   ctest -R KWStyleCodeTest -V


   ctest -R KWStyleReviewTest -V